How Long does Cleft Palate Surgery Take to Heal

Your child’s recovery from cleft palate surgery is evidently important!

If your child has experienced cleft palate surgery, you must be concerned to find the answer to this question: How long does cleft palate surgery take to heal in Dubai? It’s imperative for parents to know few things regarding the child care at home and the exact recovery period as well. Indeed it greatly contributes to successful palate surgery.

This blog has covered every single detail regarding the recovery of cleft palate surgery.

Before we inform details regarding the recovery period, let’s first clarify what is the cleft palate and why your child needs surgery for this?

What is Cleft Palate?

It is one of the most common birth disorders. 2 out of 10 children go through this. It is the situation of open mouth roof which results in feeding and speaking difficulties. Of course, a child hole in the mouth cannot produce the correct sound due to air leakage. This problem needs to be fixed in the first year of the baby’s life. The surgery done for this purpose is Palate Repair Surgery. It is usually meant to facilitate feeding problems, but most importantly to support normal speech.

What is the Exact recovery period of Cleft Palate Surgery?

In general, the recovery period for cleft palate surgery is three-weeks. Most children get back to their usual behavior during the first week. But they need extra attention in the initial month of surgery. The incisions done in the mouth require 3-4 weeks to heal.

Most children get completely recovered after one month, with no lasting problems. At Dynamic clinic, our team of experts creates a proper treatment plan tailored to child’s needs and unique medical conditions. Further, remember to follow the doctor’s advised guidelines strictly.

Which problems a child can go through after Surgery?

After getting surgery, your kid might bear some pain. Experts usually advise antibiotics or pain-relieving medicines in this regard. However, there may be some splints worn around the arms, which can be removed sooner or later usually two weeks after surgery.

How long does cleft palate surgery take to heal in Dubai? – The answer to this query is only three weeks. But this period might exceed if proper child care is not taken at home.

Your child may snore or sound congested for a few days. This usually goes off once swelling fades. Indeed there is nothing as much tricky to be worried of. The first month of surgery can be quite tough for you and your child as well. Besides, if you are not assured about your child’s health, please inform your doctor.

What Mouth Care is expected at home?

There is no severe problem in the mouth, so don’t panic. Doctors typically use dissolvable stitches which easily get settle with time. If you notice the roof of your child’s mouth after a couple of days, you may see the silvery plaque inside the mouth. Do not consider this as an infection. It means that your child’s mouth is healing properly.

Please consider the following guidelines to help your child for smooth healing.

  • Properly take care of the child’s treated area.
  • Make sure that your child is enough hydrated.
  • Clean the baby’s teeth with alcohol-free mouth wash.
  • A post-visit is essential after 4 weeks of treatment.
  • Discuss the feeding restrictions with the doctor. It’s better to start with liquids than soft foods.

How Long child goes through Pain?

A child’s sensitivity to pain varies individually. At most first seven days can be harder to go through. Doctors usually recommend pain-relieving medicines for this but sometimes they are not enough in severe cases. In such problems, get your child a straight doctor-checkup. Inform him of every single concern and related queries, so your baby can get a suitable recommendation as per the specific condition.

Let’s Conclude:

The Cleft palate in Dubai needs to be repaired with surgery. It will improve the child’s ability to speak and eat. However, recovery time for this treatment isn’t much longer. Proper care of few weeks can save your child from lifetime difficulties. To know if the palate is healing correctly, don’t miss the post-checkups. Our doctors usually arrange such sittings to know whether surgery is on right track or not.

This blog cleared the most important aspects about the recovery of the split palate. Still, you wish to know more about: “How long does cleft palate surgery take to heal in Dubai? “ Please contact our doctors.