How long does a Blepharoplasty Last in Dubai

What Is The Desired Outcome?

Blepharoplasty is a surgery done to fix any issues related to eyelids.  Blepharoplasty corrects age-related changes and congenital beauty defects of the eyelids. These could be of upper or lower eyelids.

What Is The Procedure?

The operation lasts from 30 to 120 minutes and has a brief recovery period, while it allows you to deal with wrinkles, bags under the eyes, drooping of the eyelids, fat bags, unevenness of the corners. During surgery, excess skin is removed, fat deposits are reallocated, muscles are tightened. The eyes become more open, which significantly improves the overall perception of appearance, visibly rejuvenates the entire face. The results persist for decades and require only cosmetic maintenance.

Am I A Good Candidate?

Your doctor will have a specific criterion for considering you a suitable candidate. A general criterion may include not having any prior history of diabetes, heart conditions or any recent surgeries. For further information please contact your doctor.

When Is Eyelid Surgery Needed?

There are several situations where you need the help of an experienced plastic surgeon:

  • Folds of skin hanging over the eyelashes
  • Bulging fat
  • Functional changes as a result of acquired diseases
  • Congenital pathologies of the century
  • Drooping of the outer corner of the eyes with age
  • Aesthetic flaws of an upsetting nature

It is important to note that blepharoplasty helps to solve not only cosmetic problems. It is a vast area of ​​plastic surgery that includes dozens of types of operations and reconstructive techniques. Often, the help of a doctor allows a person not only to improve the quality of life but also to prevent dangerous anomalies that, without correction, could lead to a decrease in vision.

Types of Blepharoplasty:


The mildest intervention causing the lowest level of trauma is used before the age of 40 when the skin is considered to have high elasticity and the ability to recover quickly. The operation is performed without external incisions and sutures. It is done through the conjunctiva of the eyes. The fat layer gets redistributed, which allows you to get rid of the effect of bags and revitalizes the face.


Eliminates overhanging on the eyeball by cutting off excess skin. You may also need to include procedures for brow lift and correction of a fixed eyelid. The incision is made along the natural fold of the skin.


Eliminates sagging skin, flabbiness, age, and expression wrinkles. The incision is made under the lash line and goes 1 cm outside the outer corner of the eye.

Classic or Circular:

Suitable for people with noticeable age-related changes, large sagging, or bags. Combines elements of upper and lower blepharoplasty.

How Long Does Blepharoplasty Last in Dubai?

The results of this procedure may last for 10 years or more.


Two days after the operation, it is mandatory to meet with your surgeon in order to remove the stitches and stick a covering on, which will reduce cyanosis and swelling. It will need to be worn for another week, during which swelling and bruising will steadily decrease. It is recommended to sleep with your head up in the first days. After removing the patch, you can return to work and your daily tasks.

Two months following the operation, it is important to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations, then the healing process will be quick and trouble-free, the scar will quickly disappear and become invisible:

  • Follow good hygiene for the eyelids
  • Take the recommended drugs
  • Avoid unnecessary touching and rubbing of the eyes
  • Minimize physical activity
  • Do not watch tv, do not sit at the computer, do not read books
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol
  • Do not apply makeup

For a few days after the operation, it is advisable to wear sunglasses in clear or sunny weather and use sunscreen with a high SPF factor, but this rule can be followed as a permanent habit in order to preserve youth and the health of the skin as long as possible. In a few months, the body is fully recovered, all tissues settle to the new location, and you can fully appreciate the results of the operation