prp for lips


If you want Plummer, pouty and fuller lips then PRP  treatment in Dubai is just the right choice because it is completely safe and has no side effects reported till date .on the other hand  you will be amazed and delighted to know that PRP injections are not just limited for the Lips alone but they have considerable effects on hair, skin and even the pain arising in the systemic joints and muscles of the body. Dubai is highly flooded with candidates who get PRP for lips on a daily basis.  The only concern the candidates have is that they are always interested to know about its longevity and a lot of them ask how long PRP lip injections last? 

What is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and it is extracted from the candidate’s body and is then re-injected for other medicinal purposes. it has a very complex mechanism and the outcomes are probably very effective if the treatment is carried out properly.

What are the types of PRP? 

There are basically and no other types of PRP However in cases of lip injections instead of PRP, PRF is used. It stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin. The only difference between platelets and fibrin is that the platelets are the smallest blood cells whereas fibrin is a threadlike mesh work of blood. 

What are the benefits of PRP lip injections?

For aging:

When you reach your early 40s then your lips become cracked and chapped very easily. They also show crookiness and get dried very often no matter how much you keep yourself hydrated.  Over time your lips will eventually lose their hydration and proper blood flow. Getting PRP injections will help in the premature aging of the lips. 

For darker lips:

If you are a habitual makeup wearer  then the lip stain will pigment your lips leaving them darker. On the other hand chain smokers also have darkly pigmented lips and so PRP for dark lips is the ideal treatment of choice.

To make them look fuller:

If you want a treatment that can instantly add some health to your lips by making them look fuller than before then PRF lip injections are sure to do it.  

How is the procedure of PRP before lip injections carried out? 

  1. The Aesthetician will first closely analyze your lips and will study the causes of your lip darkening. 
  2. The esthetician will then map the target areas where the lip injection infused with PRP will be inserted. 
  3. A sample of blood will be drawn from the candidate’s body and will be sent for centrifuging. Note that in case of PRF centrifugation the process will be shorter than that of the PRP extraction. 
  4. Once the complete platelet rich fibrin is  extracted from the blood component it is then drawn into the injection and inserted at the marked sites of the lips. 
  5. The esthetician will wait after the treatment for a few minutes to see whether the patient is showing any signs of allergic reactions or not. If during the standard time there are no allergic responses noted then the patient or candidate will be sent back home with certain aftercare instructions to follow. 

For how long do PRP lip injections last? 

PRP for lips injection lasts for a good 6 to 12 months however if you maintain them well and follow the after care instructions thoroughly then it is very likely to last even longer. For candidates who cannot quit smoking or those who are serious alcohol drinkers, it is very likely that PRP treatment for them would not last longer. 

What is the cost of PRP treatment for lips?

PRP injections cost in Dubai is variable depending upon the area where it is to be inserted. It also depends upon the complexity of the treatment and the aesthetician. 

The final verdict!

If you want a perfect pouty lip and smooth lips, rejuvenated skin and ideal hair then there is just one single solution to that which is a PRP treatment in Dubai. Some shots were ever required and relived a new life happily. Our Dynamic Clinic offers a wide range of PRP treatments that are highly effective and pocket friendly.