cosmelan peel in Dubai

Melanin is a skin pigment that contributes to melasma and other skin discolourations by making the skin and hair look darker. Melanin levels can rise due to sun exposure, acne, ageing, and hormone fluctuations. The Cosmelan Peel reduces natural melanin production by blocking the tyrosinase enzyme, resulting in a more even complexion. It eliminates dark spots and prevents their return while controlling hyperpigmentation for a long-term benefit. This cosmetic’s full recipe has been clinically shown to encourage skin renewal, removing existing spots and reducing melanic spots.

Skin Issues Resolved

Cosmelan peels can help with several skin issues, including:

  • Sunspots
  • Marks of acne
  • Melasma
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Marks of stretching
  • Birthmarks

Criteria For Candidacy

If you’re thinking about getting a Cosmelan peel, you need the first figure out whether you’re a good candidate.

A Cosmelan peel is suitable for all skin types and issues. The following are the general requirements for an ideal candidate:

  • Hyperpigmentation can affect anyone.
  • People who want a healthy, even skin tone
  • People who have realistic treatment expectations
  • Anyone who is in good overall health

Pre-Operative Care

It is critical to prepare thoroughly for the Cosmelan peel treatment to get the most out of the procedure. Our professional staff gives candidates pre-procedure instructions that they must follow to achieve the best results. The following are some general guidelines:

  • Do not get another cosmetic operation done simultaneously as a Cosmelan peel because it will impair the results of both.
  • Waxing the regions that will be treated is not recommended.
  • Maintain hydration and moisturisation of the skin.


A Cosmelan peel is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and safe process that causes no discomfort to candidates. However, the dermatologist you choose must be experienced in administering the process because the therapy’s outcome depends on their abilities.

The following is a step-by-step procedure:

  • Your dermatologist will apply a depigmenting mask to your skin during the Cosmelan peel treatment in Dubai.
  • Candidates should not remove the mask for at least 8-10 hours. The exact time for masking the skin is determined by the severity of each candidate’s illness.
  • Next, the dermatologist will delicately peel the mask away from the candidate’s skin, removing any markings or colours.

What Is The Treatment’s Mechanism Of Action?

Cosmelan Peel’s chemical ingredients are highly effective but mild on the skin, ensuring that you get remarkable results while remaining comfortable and pain-free.

The peel exfoliates the skin and evens out its tone by eliminating layers of dead skin cells accumulated over time, and then suppresses the synthesis of melanin, the underlying cause of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Care Following Surgery

Following a Cosmelan peel, you will be given information on safeguarding the treated areas. To recuperate and achieve the desired outcomes, you must follow your dermatologist’s advice. The following are some general guidelines:

  • Avoid exposing your treated areas to the sun directly.
  • After the operation, do not have any other cosmetic procedures for at least 30 days.
  • Regularly apply for prescription ointments and medicines.


Cosmelan peel in Dubai has a variety of advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • It is a minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment.
  • It causes only minor discomfort.
  • There is minimal downtime with this process.
  • It provides immediate and effective results.
  • Hyperpigmentation, scars, and sunspots are all removed.
  • All skin types can benefit from Cosmelan peels.
  • Melasma can also be treated with it.

Side Effects

  • Irritation and mild redness
  • Itching and tightness.

When See The Outcome

  • Within a few days, you should see some improvement, and the full effect will take 3 to 6 weeks of treatment.
  • Within the first week, you will observe skin imperfections fade and a brighter skin complexion emerge.
  • After a few weeks, your skin will begin to shine and glow with a healthy glow.
  • When the full effects of a Cosmelan Peel are visible, the result will continue to improve throughout the fourth or fifth week.

Cosmelan Peel Price 

The Cosmelan peel is a cost-effective way to eliminate blemishes, melasma, and pigmentation. The typical cost of a Cosmelan peel price in Dubai is between AED 500 and AED 1500. Only at the consultation, based on the skin problem, are exact fees given.

Make An Appointment!

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