Cosmelan Peel in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Cosmelan is a chemical peel used on the skin to eliminate marks, melasma, and pigmentation. It is safe to use on all skin tones and texture. The treatment is popular all over the world because it successfully results in a flawless and smooth skin. It evens out the skin tone by reducing dark spots and patches present on the skin surface. You need to consider that some patients reported mild discomfort during the procedure so make your decision carefully.

How it Works?

Cosmelan Peel in Dubai & Abu Dhabi treats multiple pigmentation issues such as freckles, blemishes, age spots and sunspots in just one go. It delivers subtle results and produces a lighter-toned and rejuvenated skin. Cosmelan peel has two main functions,

  • Skin exfoliation-frees the skin from impurities and dead skin cells
  • Inhibition of melanin synthesis-Discourages the growth of melanin in the skin

Who is the Candidate?

As we have mentioned earlier, Cosmelan treatment is suitable for all skin types and tone. However, as a good candidate, you have to fulfil some candidacy criteria. You are a perfect candidate if,

  • You have melasma, pigmentation or marks on your facial skin
  • You are a healthy person, not a sufferer of any life-threatening disease
  • Your expectations from the treatment are realistic and practical
  • You want to improve your complexion
  • You are looking for a non-invasive skincare skin rejuvenation treatment


As a result of the treatment, a big improvement will be seen in the tone and texture of your skin. I guarantee you will feel and look amazing after having Cosmelan Peel in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. However, multiple sessions are required to get the desired results, the doctor will decide the exact number of sessions. Some results appear immediately while the final outcome takes time to become visible.

What you have to do Before Cosmelan peel?

Just like all other cosmetic procedures, it also requires a little preparation. By following the doctor’s guidelines you will get the best possible results of the treatment. Few instructions that most dermatologists give before Cosmelan peel in Dubai are,

  • Avoid waxing or threading the treatment site a week before the treatment
  • Stop alcohol consumption and smoking a month prior to the treatment
  • Avoid taking sun-bath for about a 7-14 days before the treatment as it can worsen the concern
  • Do not go for any other cosmetic procedure along with it because it can minimize the effectiveness of the treatment

Cosmelan Peel Procedure:

The procedure is simple, safe and non-invasive. No discomfort or pain is associated with it. Look for an experienced dermatologist for this therapy because his/her experience plays a major role in delivering optimal results.

During the sitting, Cosmelan peel is applied on the skin where it is left as it is for almost 8-10 hours. The therapist will decide the masking time depending upon the severity of the problem. After completing the masking period, he will then carefully peel off to mask to free the skin from flaws including marks, spots and more. In the end, you will get younger and more vital skin.


Take good care of the treatment site after having Cosmelan peel. You will be provided with a list of aftercare instructions in the initial consultation session, you are requested to follow all of them properly.


The treatment comes with uncountable benefits and almost no side-effects. Here is a list of some noteworthy benefits of Cosmelan treatment,

  • No downtime or long recovery period
  • Eliminates skin flaws effectively
  • Provides quick and amazing results


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