How does AFT Breast Augmentation Works

Many women want to acquire larger breasts because they are tired of smaller boobs. Due to the increasing demand for this concern, breast surgeries are now getting popular. Before undergoing breast surgery make sure that you get the treatment from a professional surgeon because this whole practice must be done through care. AFT Breast Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi resolves the concerns of breast enlarging by transferring a large volume of fat from any area of the body to the breast.

AFT stands for (Autologous Fat Transfer system) which is the most prominent approach used to improve the shape of the breast according to the demand of patients. The need of enlarging the breast can be fulfilled easily by having this treatment.


After undergoing the AFT Breast Augmentation you can notice outstanding and visible outcomes with no risks or complications, women will have a larger breast than before. However, this breast augmentation satisfies patients with natural upshots because their body tissues are used. Somehow, many people are afraid of getting implants in their body can acquire this minimally invasive procedure to overcome their concerns.

How does AFT Breast Augmentation work?

This category of Breast Augmentation enlarges the breast by using your fat. Experienced surgeons start the procedure by giving general or local anesthesia depends upon the complexity. Once anesthesia is given, the fat is removed from the specific area by making small incisions. However, AFT requires tiny incisions as compared to the procedure of standard Breast Augmentation. Mostly the fat is removed from the abdomen or thighs and it’s placed on the breast area with proficiency. Once it’s involved with the regular breast, the tissues are merged and the breast becomes larger and attractive so we can say that it’s the natural procedure, no further implants are used in this procedure.

How Much Time does it Take to Recover?

The recovery from AFT Breast Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can take a few days because there is no tissue-damaging involved in this whole practice. Most of the people usually get back to their daily routine after 2-3 days of treatment but some swelling and bruising can be felt by the patient which can be gone after a few days. However, to speed up the healing process, some common instructions must be followed by every patient who had surgery of AFT breast augmentation.

  1. Stop the intake of drugs
  2. Must discuss your sleeping position with the doctor
  3. Follow the medications properly, prescribed from your practitioner
  4. Avoid doing strenuous exercises until you’re completely recovered
  5. Use medicinal ointments for better healing of scar


Comparing to other breast surgeries, this practice is more effective and offers productive results. However, women will get the desired breast as per their demand which is the biggest comfort acquired from this treatment. Some important benefits after AFT Breast Augmentation ones include:

  1. Delivers natural outcomes.
  2. Provides the breast appearance of a woman’s choice.
  3. It’s the outpatient procedure.
  4. Minimal invasive technique.
  5. Reshapes the breast and body as well.
  6. This surgery doesn’t involve any breast implants.
  7. Minimal complications are involved because your body tissues are used.


How much AFT Breast Augmentation Cost?

The cost of AFT Breast Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi varies from individual to individual. Every person has different demands and breast conditions so the cost will be different. Now, people can get this breast augmentation at reasonable rates by visiting our highly experienced dermatologist at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. The following are some important factors that help in determining the cost:

  1. Technique used.
  2. Patients’ demand.
  3. Anesthesia fees.
  4. Surgery expense.
  5. Doctors’ experience.
  6. Clinic location.

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So are you also the victim of smaller breasts? Or you want to enlarge them with the safest approach? No worries. AFT Breast Augmentation is the finest solution for you. So, if you want to get this treatment or you want to understand the procedure of best AFT you can feel free to visit us or fill a consultation form to get in touch with us!