How Does A Crown Hair Transplant Work In Dubai?

Do you also feel that the volume in your crown area is lessening? No longer a major deal. You no longer need to stand on barren ground. Many treatments help enhance the volume of your hair. Because people suffer from front hairline hair loss. PRP, stem cells are not permanent solutions. A hair transplant is an effective method to reclaim hair. That offers patients greater outcomes. How Does A Crown Hair Transplant Work In Dubai? According to research, 40% of males have noticeable hair loss. When they reach 60 years old, this rate rises to 65%. This remedy is ideal if you have bald patches on your head. The treatment covers the bald patches from the front.

What is a Crown Hair Transplant?

The procedure uses the patient’s own hair follicles to cover the balding crown. The FUE process involves using a perforator. That helps remove hair from the back of the head. Then it will implant it back onto the crown. Once implanted, the hair acts like regular hair growth. It also settles into the natural cycle of shedding and re-emerging. Crown Hair Transplant targets hair loss in the scalp’s crown region.


The expert will check your blood tests and medical history during the consultation. It will help to rule out any health issues. That would make surgery more difficult. The expert will also guide you through the treatment. It will help to keep things current and realistic. The patient’s diagnosis depends on the condition. 

Treatment Options:

A variety of hair transplant procedures are available to address the issue. The following are the major procedures for the treatment: 


The procedure uses new technology to make it less invasive. It gives the highest yield of hair regeneration. This operation involves removing individual hair follicles from a donor area. And implanting them into the frontline area. It is quick and leaves little scarring.


It is the “original” Hair Loss Treatment and is referred to as the strip method. This is an old and effective method. It removes thicker strips of hair from the back of your head. Then separate them for implantation. The procedure leaves a scar.

Preparation of Crown Hair Transplant:

You must get yourself and your scalp ready for the therapy. If you intend to have an artistic vertex design procedure to restore your hair. The following are the pre-procedure instructions for the treatment:

  • Do not use blood thinners weeks before the procedure.
  • Give up smoking and abstain from alcohol consumption.
  • Fill out the prescriptions and have all your tests completed in advance.
  • The applicants must avoid vitamins and caffeinated beverages.
  • You must avoid hair care products before the treatment.

Crown Hair Transplant Procedure:

The Crown Hair Restoration procedure begins with a consultation with the surgeon. The patient’s hair loss pattern and goals are assessed during this appointment. The treatment helps to produce a natural-looking outcome. The procedure enhances the patient’s facial features. The following steps are involved in the procedure:

Administration of anesthesia:

The expert will administer the anesthesia at the donor and recipient sites. This guarantees the patient’s comfort during the entire procedure.

Removal of Donor Hair:

The expert will implant the hair using FUE and FUT procedures. The surgeon removes hair follicles from the donor area. Individual hair follicles are extracted with FUE. Whereas a strip of tissue containing hair follicles is removed during FUT.

Establishment of Recipient Sites:

The expert will make small incisions in the target area. The density and naturalness depend on the surgeon’s skill. The way they are constructing these recipient sites.

Placing Hair Grafts:

The expert will insert the new hair into the recipient sites. The surgeon also considers the hair’s angle. And also direction to ensure flawless integration with the existing hair.

Crown Hair Transplant Aftercare:

You must adhere to the doctor’s post-surgery guide after the treatment. It will help to ensure better outcomes and recovery. The following are the key instructions after the treatment:

  • You can use cold compresses to reduce any swelling and redness.
  • According to the surgeon’s recommendations, apply the topical drugs to the scalp.
  • Applicants must refrain from scratching or stroking their heads.
  • After the treatment, refrain from bathing for at least 3 to 4 days.
  • Protect the treatment area from the sun and heat.
  • Avoid hair washing and hair styling until an expert allows it.

Crown Hair Transplant Recovery:

For a full recovery and faster healing, the patient needs 8 to 10 days. You must take a day off from work. So that your scalp can heal fast. Treatment options for the transplanted hair are the same as yours. You must attend the follow-up visits.

Cost of Crown Hair Transplant:

The Cost of Crown Hair Transplant Dubai is affordable. It ranges from AED 6,999 to AED 14,999. But these costs can vary according to the needs and demands of applicants. The following are the cost-influencing factors:

  • The expertise of the expert.
  • The condition of the applicants.
  • The severity of the hair loss.
  • The condition of the applicants.
  • The need for the Hair Implant.
  • Other medications cost.

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