Do Hair Transplant In Dubai Work On The Crown

Hair is the most important element that influences your look. But many factors cause hair loss. It leads to many issues, but it affects your self-esteem. The issue is more damaging when you experience crown hair loss. Many procedures are available to get your natural frontline. But people are always not going for hair transplants. People always want to know about the suitability of the treatment. Do they also search for Do Hair Transplant Work On The Crown In Dubai? Yes, but they also demand much more hair than frontal hair transplants. Because they also view the angle of the crown. If there are enough donor hairs available. Then hair transplantation is very effective for the crown area. 

What is Crown Hair Transplantation?

Many people struggle with receding hairlines. And also thinning crowns. Because it can have a negative influence on self-esteem and confidence. Crown Hair Transplants promise an answer to the hunt for a full head of hair. This entails extracting hair from a donor site. Then it will be transplanted into a balding area. The procedure is painless because it works under local anaesthesia. The treatment may provide a long-term answer. Which is difficult to treat with drugs and non-surgical alternatives.


Blood tests and a study of your medical history are effective for diagnosis. This could make surgery more difficult. Patients are also told about the risks of the procedure. The expert will also examine the condition of your hair loss. They not only trigger the problem but also identify the causes of the issues.


The preparation of the treatment is important because it helps repair your hair. Then you must prepare both yourself and your scalp. The following are the pre-procedure instructions for the treatment:

  • For many weeks before the treatment, avoid using blood thinners.
  • Stop smoking and abstain from alcoholic beverages.
  • It has the potential to slow the healing process.
  • Fill out all of your tests and medicines ahead of time.
  • Stop taking vitamin E because it can impede the healing process.
  • Applicants must also refrain from using any cosmetics.


This procedure is done under local anaesthesia and takes roughly 3–6 hours. Patients may require two sessions. But it also depends on the amount of their baldness. The following are the steps of the Crown Hair Transplant In Dubai:

  • The first step is to administer the anaesthesia to the recipient and donor sides.
  • Then the expert will extract the hair follicles using a fine perforator.
  • More hair grafts may be required, depending on the baldness.
  • The expert will prepare the hair grafts for implantation.
  • The surgeons then cut microscopic holes in the crown using a surgical needle.
  • Then it is ready for transplantation.
  • The expert will insert the hair follicles into the crown one at a time.
  • The specialist will pay attention to the angle, depth, and other factors.


The outcomes of the treatment also depend on the aftercare. You must follow these steps to get better results and recover faster after therapy. You must follow the following post-operative directions after the treatment:

  • Swelling and redness may occur, so apply cool compresses.
  • Applicants must avoid topical treatments on the scalp.
  • Try not to scratch or massage your head.
  • Applicants also refrain from bathing and showering.
  • You must use the prescribed medication after the treatment.
  • The candidates must protect the treatment area after the treatment.


For people who are battling Hair Loss, this therapy provides various advantages. The following are the primary advantages of the treatment:

  • It has a more appealing appearance after the treatment.
  • The procedure might make the patient’s hairline look more natural and fuller.
  • You can increase your self-esteem by giving yourself a larger head of hair.
  • In contrast to temporary hair restoration techniques, it is a permanent remedy.
  • The same care is important for transplanted hair as for natural hair. 
  • There is no need for any specific shampoos or products.
  • It yields results that appear natural. 
  • It is beneficial to match the patient’s natural hair colour, texture, and density.

Adverse Reactions:

The most noticeable negative effects are scars and artificial-looking hair growth. But if you choose the right doctor, you can overcome it. If a patient is allergic to anything or is susceptible to anaesthetic infections. Consult your doctor about the risks of this operation. The following are the risks of the procedure:

  • Infection.
  • Scares in the target area.
  • The chance of no hair growth.
  • Loss of sense after the treatment.

Cost of Crown Hair Transplant:

The Cost of a Crown Hair Transplant in Dubai is inexpensive. It might range from AED 6,999 to AED 15,000. For subtle results, you can either underpay or overpay. Prices vary according to the procedure’s intricacy. The following are the cost-influencing factors:

  • The applicants’ condition and severity.
  • The clinic’s location.
  • The procedure’s selection.
  • The clinic’s competence.

Why Choose Us?

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