How Coolsculpting is Done

What superstars can achieve, you can too!

Cool sculpting is the procedure of freezing off the fat cells in the target area. It uses rounded paddles that deliver controlled cooling to the problem site. It is a non-surgical and the most effective fat-reduction procedure. The best part? Unlike other non-surgical procedures, it can give you the desired contouring results in a single visit, provided that the professional use several machines during the treatment.


Like Liposuction, the primary goal of cool sculpting is to remove exercise and diet-resistant fat from the body.


If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment to fix specific stubborn areas of fat, cool sculpting may be the best option. But before deciding on the treatment, you should know that it is not a weight-loss procedure. If you are significantly overweight, you are not the right candidate.

How It Is Perfumed?

No matter how persistent the fat is, our experienced beauticians can give you the shape you want via cool sculpting treatment. With dynamic clinic by your side, be assured of achieving natural-looking and lasting results.

In general, Cool Sculpting treatments take 50 to 60 minutes to complete. During the procedure, a device containing several applicators is used.

The healthcare provider will place the applicator on the target area through which controlled cooling will be delivered. He will then move the device on the target area to break down fatty tissue by cooling.

Is It Painful?

Overall, it is a painful fat reduction procedure. You can expect to experience some pain during the treatment and some afterward. Thankfully, there are ways by which you can avoid the pain. The surgeon may use local or general anesthesia in the procedure and ice packs after it. Just so you know, pain after treatment is usually due to numbness caused by anesthesia; this pain is meant to be temporary. In general, it only takes six to seven days to subside.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Cool Sculpting?

In Dubai, Cool Sculpting Costs between AED 700 to AED 900 on average, but you’ll pay as little as AED 650 at a clinic like dynamic clinic.


Like other beauty treatments, cool sculpting has some side effects, including:

  • Cramps
  • Pain
  • Discomfort
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Skin sensitivity

What To Expect After Treatment:

There is no recovery time associated with cool sculpting. Patients are allowed to resume normal activities instantly after the treatment. However, in some cases, the following aftercare instructions are given:

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes for at least a week
  • If side-effects occur, inform the doctor right away
  • Refrain from alcoholic drinks
  • Stop smoking
  • It is also very important to keep moving

Why Choose Us?

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai, we begin the Cool Sculpting Treatment with a consultation. We guide our patients through the procedure and conduct some tests if needed. We also tell them about the factors on which the cost of cool sculpting depends. Above and beyond all these things, there is no gender bar to receiving any cosmetic treatment here.

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