Liposonix in Dubai vs CoolSculpting in Dubai; Which is Better?

Many people deal with the challenging issue of excessive fat accumulated in different body areas which causes irregularities in their body shape. “LipoSonix and CoolSculpting”, are two well-known and frequently applied cosmetic treatment methods that deliver positive and effective outcomes of reducing body fat plus reshaping the body’s structure as well. Both of these methods aim at the fat cells in the body to destroy and eliminate them. Both have shown positive results but results and their effectivity may vary from person to person. Overall, these cosmetic procedures happen to be quite helpful and efficient in their outcomes. This article will help you by providing more information on Liposonix & CoolSculpting in Dubai.

Understanding Liposonix:

Liposonix is among the most popular cosmetic treatment methods applied or recommended by many physicians across the globe for enhancing and reshaping the body’s shape and appearance, and decreasing excessive fat. Liposonix is a nonsurgical and noninvasive procedure. Its purpose is to reduce and eliminate excessive body fat by using high-energy ultrasound. Liposonix is very efficient in reducing fat present in the smaller body areas. However, it is not that useful for your overall weight loss.

Mode of Action for Liposonix:

The Liposonix Treatment in Dubai process is very simple and involves aiming high-energy UltraSound waves toward the affected areas of the body where there is excessive fat. Healthcare professionals consider patients’ preferences while prioritizing the areas. These waves enter into the person’s skin and keep targeting the fat cells residing there. They eventually destroy them from their heat source. ULTRASOUND waves are not dangerous to the body or skin because they directly move towards the subcutaneous layer of skin which consists of the fat. When the fat cells are destructed, they remain in the body for a while and then they are excreted out with the help of the lymphatic system’s natural process.

Can You Benefit from Liposonix?

Anyone willing to reduce excessive fat residing in their body part can easily benefit from LipoSonix. Following are some common areas where this treatment is generally applied:

  • Abdomen/Belly: The body area where LipoSonix is very commonly applied to reduce excessive fat is the abdomen or belly. Because your abdomen plays a very important part in contouring your overall body shape. Using LipoSonix for reducing abdomen fat can enhance your appearance in general as well.
  • Thighs: It also effectively decreases the excessive fat from your thigh area.
  • Hips/Buttocks: LipoSonix refines your body shape more by removing excessive fat accumulating in your hips or buttocks.
  • Arms: LipoSonix is also considered useful in reducing upper-arm fat.
  • Chin: LipoSonix is a very useful and effective method for double chin reduction.

It is always necessary to consult a healthcare professional to get their recommendation for LipoSonix. Even though it is an efficient treatment method, there are still some risks of side effects. So you should discuss the matter with your primary care provider and make the right choice.


  • Liposonix uses a “noninvasive” method for treating body fat.
  • It helps in reducing excessive fat from different parts of the body.
  • LipoSonix also makes your body appear smoother in shape and more refined.
  • It is also considered a very extremely effective procedure that sometimes requires one session only.
  • The recovery period of Liposonix is short.


  • A little pain or discomfort might be felt during the procedure.
  • You can experience side effects like swelling or redness for a while, but they will eventually disappear.
  • Some people also feel weird tingling or numbing sensations.
  • It is scarce but some people also experience bruising or changes in the skin texture, etc.
  • LipoSonix doesn’t help with overall weight loss.

Understanding CoolSculpting:

CoolSculpting is another famous treatment method used for cosmetic purposes. It works to serve a purpose similar to LipoSonix but with another approach. Coolsculpting Fat Freezing is quite helpful in eliminating body fat. It shows effective outcomes of body shape refining and contouring. In CoolSculpting, our body’s fat cells freeze and die. Later on, they are fully eliminated with the help of our body’s natural processes.

Mode of Action for Coolsculpting:

The whole process of CoolSculpting is carried out with the help of a device that delivers cooling to the body areas that have excessive fat. The cooling causes the body’s fat cells to freeze and crystallize. After crystallizing, the cells start to die. The cooling provided by the device is controlled and supervised, and it doesn’t bring any harm to the person; ‘s skin or body. The dead fat cells are eventually eliminated from the person’s body.

Who Can Receive Coolsculpting?

Similar to Liposonix, the Coolsculpting treatment method is helpful in the reduction of excessive body fat in different areas of the body. People who want to receive a noninvasive treatment method with a short duration and a fast recovery process can get benefits from CoolSculpting in Dubai.


  • CoolSculpting is a noninvasive process.
  • Its healing process is very quick.
  • This treatment helps in body contouring such as Belly Fat.
  • The outcomes are positive and long-lasting.
  • CoolSculpting is medically approved and generally considered safe.


  • CoolSculpting is not effective or suitable for a weight loss treatment.
  • It can be expensive in some places.
  • Patients feel discomfort for a while but it gets better.
  • In very rare cases, people experience “Paradoxical-Adipose-Hyperplasia” (PHA) where the fat cell growth starts increasing instead of decreasing.
  • Some people also experience tingling sensations due to the cooling device.

Liposonix vs Coolsculpting: What is Better?

Cool-Sculpting and Lipo-Sonix are both considered safe procedures for different cosmetic purposes. People can easily undergo any of these two procedures if their primary care provider recommends so. The suitability, outcomes, and effectiveness of these methods mostly vary case by case. Every person’s body reacts differently. For some people, LipoSonix works better while in other cases CoolSculpting is considered to be more appropriate. Both procedures offer similar results and show effectiveness in excessive fat reduction. Your healthcare professional or dermatologist will decide which process is more suitable for your condition as per your preferences and some other considerations.

Liposonix and Coolsculpting in Dubai:

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The Final Verdict:

Reducing fat has never been this easy. Liposonix and CoolSculpting, offer very effective results with a quick recovery period. You might experience some discomfort but it will be temporary. Talk to your dermatologist and follow their advice on whether to undergo Liposonix or CoolScultping. If you are looking to get Liposonix or CoolSculpting in Dubai, you can visit Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic and consult with our expert physicians as well. Book a consultation right now so we can get started on your fat reduction journey as soon as possible.