How can I stop sweating in Dubai

Sweating is a natural phenomenon of the body. It aids in removing waste products and maintaining the body temperature. Sweat composes of minerals such as calcium, potassium, and sodium. It also contains metabolites and waste materials like urea, ammonia, and lactate. These components in sweat make it fetid and stinky. Therefore, to remove the smell of sweat people use different types of fragrances and deodorants. Most people face excessively Sweaty Glands in the summer. It is a medical condition in which sweat glands become hyperactive and causes abnormal perspiration. Stop Sweating This Summer | How can I stop sweating in Dubai? You can consult our doctors to your query answered.

What is it?

Superfluous pouring with sweat is a general health condition which is hyperhidrosis. It does not cause any side effects to health but only makes the person sweat unnecessarily on the palms, feet, and armpits. This condition makes the person uncomfortable and humiliated in the gathering as well as in person. 

In the present era, where there is a solution to every problem. Cosmetic physicians have come up with a way to cure hyperhidrosis. Botox injections can help to treat this unwanted sweating in a short period of time. It also assists in raising the morale and confidence of the individual.

How Does it Work?

Botox is a common and successful treatment for different flaws. From treating wrinkles to making the muscles relax, botox can aim to treat all. The point to ponder is how it helps to treat hyperhidrosis. The doctor inserts an injection in the particular area where sweat glands are present in the dermis of the skin. It reduces the hyperactivity of sweat glands by blocking the nerve signals in that area. This blockage causes the sweat glands to produce less amount of sweat. 

Botulinum toxin type A is the chemical that helps to treat this condition. It is extracted from a bacteria which is Clostridium botulinum. It only aims to treat hyperhidrosis and does not interfere with other functions of the body.


Nowadays this treatment is reaching heights of success because it is a non-invasive procedure and does not cause any sort of after-effects. Moreover, it is an uncomplicated procedure that helps to treat hyperhidrosis without the need for stitches or cuts. The doctors prefer performing this procedure in their office under their governance.

  • The physician first confirms that you are eligible for the procedure.
  • He then removes all the germs and debris from the treatment area to avoid compromising with subsequent phases of the therapy.
  • Applies topical anesthesia for individuals who are particularly sensitive or scared of needles. This step is not compulsory to take anyhow.
  • Uses tiny needles to insert botox injections, which are made of botulinum toxin, in a specific location.
  • Ensures optimal absorption of the solution by massaging the region.


Normal sweating can cause some sort of smell and stinking. In hyperhidrosis, the sweating exceeds the normal level and causes an unpleasant feeling for the person and other individuals too. The borax injections block the nerve signal that causes sweating and reduce the agitation of sweat glands. Therefore, aftercare measures are necessary to follow to make the results long-lasting and effective.

  • Refrain from touching or massaging the area where the injection was made because it might cause the botox to get misdirected. It can result in unneeded negative effects.
  • Avoid taking hot showers and using hot water for regular tasks.
  • Keep away from doing hard or demanding activities.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Give up smoking
  • Don’t take any drugs that might have a negative influence on your treatment.
  • Wear comfortable clothing because tight ones might irritate the region being treated.
  • If you have any negative side effects, such as increased perspiration or difficulty breathing or speaking. See your doctor right away.
  • Make sure to follow up with your doctor frequently.


As we all know that sweating causes some sort of troublesome signs. It may cause a distressing smell and persistent perspiration on the armpits and also change the color of the clothes from that distinct area. This treatment provides several advantages and makes people feel satisfied with the results.

  • Effectively reduces excessive sweating and ultimately decreases the likelihood of irritating smells.
  • Non-invasive as there is no need for surgery
  • Improves mental health by removing the shame of pungent smells
  • It stops sweat glands from releasing sweat.
  • Improve the appearance and feel of sweat-affected areas 
  • Reduce the consequence of sweat such as color changes or stains on clothing.
  • Decrease the frequency of antiperspirants and other products that aid in controlling perspiration.
  • Increasing your comfort and self-assurance in social situations by stopping excessive perspiration.

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