How Are Skin Tags Removed in Dubai

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are little brown-colored growths (expanded bump) having the size of a few millimeters that hangs down from the skin. Skin tags are not infectious or dangerous at all. They are common and pain-free. 

Some people feel less confident and embarrassed about having them on the face or the body. Also, they irritate and cause discomfort if they grow big because they create a problem when touched by the clothes or jewelry. These skin tags can be removed easily by proper treatment. Get the treatment of Skin Tag Removal in Dubai from Specialized Dermatologists at the best competitive prices.

Causes of Skin Tags

Skin tags are harmless, and the exact reasons for their appearance are still not known, but some elements might play part in their growth:

  • Constant rashing and itching due to the irritating fabric.
  • They usually grow where skin gathers or folds
  • Heredity Factors
  • Weight gain
  • Imbalance of Sex Hormones
  • Due to pregnancy
  • Diabetes
  • Due to HPV (viral skin infection)

Where do Skin Tags Usually Appear?

  • They usually appear in the creased or folded skin.
  • Underneath the breasts
  • Near the Groin area
  • On the Neck
  • Armpits.
  • Eyelids.

Skin Tag Removal Treatments:

Below are some of the Skin Tag Removal Treatments:

  1. Cryotherapy
  2. Electrocautery
  3. Surgical /Snipping
  4. Ligation


To ensure comfort during the treatment, dermatologists apply a numbing gel to the area having skin tags.

In Cryotherapy, Dermatologist uses Liquid Nitrogen to freeze the irregular tissue, and the tag gets removed. It is a few minutes procedure at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai and is more comfortable than other treatments.

Benefits Of Cryotherapy:

  • This treatment is much less invasive.
  • This treatment is less painful.
  • There is a lesser risk of harming healthy tissues near the tag.
  • Lesser Recovery Time


Dermatologist applies a numbing gel to the area, and the procedure starts.

In this treatment, Dermatologists use this heat to burn off the skin tag by using a device called electro probe, or by the needle.

Heat is used to target the specific area to destroy the tissue.

Benefits of Electrocautery:

  • No Downtime
  • Permanent results.


In this procedure, Dermatologists use scissors or scalpels to remove the skin tag from its base. After tag removal, the bandage is applied to the skin according to the size of the mole.


Dermatologists remove the skin tag by stopping the blood flow to the tissue using a device called a surgical thread.

The desired results, benefits, and complications depend on where you get it performed. Skin Tag Removal Treatment should be done from a Certified Clinic, and by Certified Expert Dermatologists. Skin Tag Removal in Dubai offers incredible, and long-lasting results.

How much Time does the Procedure take to remove the Tag?

Each Skin tag removal process only takes 15 to 20 min depending on the size, and the number of Skin tags the patient wants to remove.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Skin Tag Removal?

People who have skin tags on the face, neck, or body, and feel irritation and discomfort having them are the best candidate for this treatment.

How to Know Which Treatment Suits Us?

Have a proper and detailed consultation with a Dermatologist for the removal of the Skin Tag. Inform your Dermatologist about your previous medical history. He will help you determine the most suitable treatment for you according to your skin type and the types of skin tags you have. 

Price Of Skin Tag Removal in Dubai

The Price of Skin Tag Removal in Dubai is not specific. The price depends on the type, size, the number of skin tags the patient wants to remove, and the treatment he will need.

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