What is the Most Efficient Way to Remove Skin Tags

Our skin composes of three layers to protect our internal structures. But what happens if this skin starts to grow irregularly and rapidly? The upper layer of skin protects the inner layer. It can regrow itself and heals the injured area. If this layer starts to grow irregularly it forms some abnormal growth on the skin. It appears prominent and emerged. One of them is skin tags. Skin tags are mostly present in the areas that rub against the clothing. Its presence mostly irritate people. They feel like their appearance is decreasing their self-confidence. 

Individuals also remove the tags at home but it has a high risk of infection that can further cause skin conditions like acne and scars. That is why dermatologists are increasing the techniques to treat different skin conditions. They are progressing day by day and finding the solution for skin tags too. The people facing skin tag issues want permanent removal for it so they always ask What is the Most Efficient Way to Remove Skin Tags.

What is it?

Various skin conditions ruin the appearance of skin like acne, acne scars, and pimples One of them is skin tag too. It is the condition in which cells of the outer layer of the skin grow outward and form a bulge in the skin. It is benign and non-cancerous. They appear softer and darker in color. Their presence usually irritates people when they touch it.

Common Site:

The skin tags generally form on the areas where rubbing occurs repeatedly. They mostly hide under the clothing but cause discomfort when people touch it.

  • Neck.
  • Armpits.
  • Eyelids .
  • Groin area.


Innumerable treatments are present to remove skin tags. Dermatologists provide the treatments to permanently remove them too. Some of these outgrowths shed on their own from the skin without any treatment but some may need treatment under the supervision of the doctor.

  • Excision:

Excision means to extract. As the word describes, This procedure removes the tags from the skin by extracting them. The incision is large and deep to prevent the regrowing of tags again.

  • Cryotherapy:

Cryotherapy refers to as cold therapy too. As we know cold therapy decreases the blood flow and makes the area numb. Your doctor sprays the liquid nitrogen on the tag that breaks the cells in the tag inhibiting its growth.

  • Cauterization:

Cauterization is the burning procedure. The doctor removes the lesion by using a hot tool and applying it directly to the tag which burns the cells in the tag.

  • Ligation:

Ligation means to tye off to reduce the blood supply. If blood supply reduces, hypoxia of tissue occurs and eventually causes the death of cells. In a similar way, a dermatologist ties the skin tag and blocks the blood supply that causes the death of the cells in the tag. This procedure might take two to three days.

  • Laser:

The doctor directly applies radiation to the tag and destructs the cells in it. It is successful in one attempt but if the tag is too large it might take two days.


The doctor performs this procedure in several steps. It is a minimally invasive surgery that can help you get rid of these tags in a short time.

  • The doctor will first clean your area to remove any dirt and bacteria.
  • Sterilizes the excision instrument.
  • At times gives local anesthesia.
  • Makes an incision on the skin tag close to the skin.
  • He makes an incision deeper to prevent the regrowing.
  • Removes the skin tags from the skin.
  • He will then apply a bandage to the wound.
  • Prescribes an antibiotic and topical ointment .

Efficient Way of Removing Tag:

The doctors use Cryotherapy also called the freezing method as the most efficient method to remove tags.  Since this procedure causes no pain and no harm doctor considers it a safe method. But the choice of method completely on the size and condition of your tags.


A small that provides instant results. Skin Tag Removal in Dubai is the best and most efficient method to remove tags. It gives you tag-free skin in one session only. Furthermore, does not require a second visit to the clinic 


Several treatments remove them as discussed earlier. But after every method, the doctor recommends following the precaution.

  • Do not touch the area where is an incision.
  • Cover your wound.
  • Apply topical ointments on the wound to promote healing.
  • Eat and drink healthy.
  • Follow up with your doctor as he recommends.


The procedure for skin tag removal has several benefits that are visible immediately.

  • Helps you get a clear skin.
  • Provides you a tag-free skin in a short period of time.
  • Reduces the discomfort when it touches the cloth or skin.
  • Prevents infection.
  • It is not invasive at all.
  • Stops the division of skin tags to become numerous.

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