Hair Transplant for Male Pattern Baldness Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

In this blog post, you can find Hair Transplants For Male Pattern Baldness Cost Dubai. Male pattern Baldness refers to uneven loss of scalp hair in men. It certainly happens as hormone levels change, especially in late years. Besides, it’s acceptable that hair seems to have the habit of growing where it’s not required. Typically, men’s chest is full of hair but when it comes to the scalp it is mostly hairless. If you are also one of those people you may be in the market to seek something that accelerates length fast. Despite ordinary treatments, a hair transplant is an authentic help. It is a minimally invasive surgery that moves hair follicles from the donor part to the bald part. It can be expensive in terms of both treatment and recovery. This article looks at the hair transplant price and associated factors. Read ahead for a better understanding.

True Cost:

For male pattern baldness, the cost of Hair Transplant  Dubai can range in price from AED 6999 to AED 14,999. Note that, this standard estimate of cost is not full and final for all types of baldness. Consult our hair surgeons for perfect cost assessment. While most insurance plans don’t cover the cost of this surgery as this is referred to as cosmetic surgery. You can check directly with your insurance provider to know whether they provide any discounts or not.

Factors To Consider:

Cost of Hair Transplant is typically determined by the quality of surgery. Plus, various other factors like the surgeon’s experience are also responsible for constant cost fluctuation. Top surgeons ensure high-quality surgeries and therefore charge a bit higher. It’s highly advised you to never decide in hurry. You shouldn’t be looking to pay anything less than AED 6000. Go for your consultation first and then decide what suits you the most.

Here are the factors of hair transplant for male pattern baldness cost Dubai.

  • Level of Baldness.
  • Transplantation Technique Used.
  • Clinic’s Reputation and Infrastructure.
  • Other expenses i.e. blood tests, facility fees, etc.

What To Consider Before Surgery?

Whether you are having hair transplant surgery from us or any other clinic, our doctors always recommend looking for some perspectives. From surgeons to the clinic’s infrastructure to much more. Examine the qualifications of doctors and go through the proof of their work. Never pick the doctor who is desperate to get you into the operating theater. Remember, higher costs do not always indicate effective results nor cheap rates are always reliable. It’s just a matter of some terms and conditions. Check reviews, ratings, and authenticity before and after before you decide anything about the surgeon or clinic.

The Takeaway:

Since Dubai is restricted to focused healthcare regulations you won’t have to look far to find a hair transplant clinic that offers the best rates without any fraud. Being the best Hair Transplant clinic in Dubai, we always emphasize safety and results. Top-class surgeons working here can provide you best satisfactory results at an affordable cost. To know more about Hair Transplant For Male Pattern Baldness Costs in Dubai, contact us anytime. Use the online form, or call directly at +971 561772998. Our team will guide you with the details.