Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai 2021

Being bald is usual in men. Even if baldness is premature or mature, the calculation of unique cost is the most first concern of everyone who suffers. While it’s quite difficult to analyze the fluctuating cost in terms of new technologies introduced every day. To help you know the latest transplantation charges this post could surely help. Read ahead to pinpoint the A-Z guide for Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai 2021.

Let’s first review the secrets behind hair transplants.

How Does Hair Transplant Work?

Hair Transplant Surgery is simple. It involves picking out healthy hair follicles from the backside of the head to implant them carefully in the bald region. This way new, healthy, better hair growth can be seen. The hair tends to grow back normally as before any hair loss problem.

Note that, the extraction of hair follicles is carried out through FUE or FUT. While FUE is minimally invasive and FUT is more invasive and requires stitches. The more invasive one (FUT) can extract a large number of hair follicles which suits greatly perfectly for severe cases of baldness where more coverage is required. On the other hand, FUE is quite modern and pain-free and doesn’t involve severe incisions.

Based upon your unique baldness condition, our doctors would inform best-suited extraction method.

Average Cost:

At our clinic, we charge AED 6,999 as the cost of a hair transplant in Dubai 2021. These charges are extremely affordable compared to the rest of the clinics. In terms of the services we offer, this cost is nothing. Rest assured you can visit different clinics for your consolation.

Factors Determine the Cost:

Various things command the price of transplant surgery. It typically includes surgery cost, number of grafts, complication rate, surgeon’s expertise, and so on. This is why it’s quite difficult to obtain the exact cost without proper analysis.

To ensure even coverage, maximum hair follicles are required. This way Hair Transplant Costs in Dubai 2021 gets high. In simple words, severe baldness cases lead to high charges. Plus, consider the following factors that you must keep in mind before preparing a budget for transplant surgery.

  • Degree of Hair loss.
  • Grafts Required.
  • The technique (either FUE or FUT).
  • Qualifications of the surgeon.
  • Anesthesia, blood tests, and other charges.

Comparing the Cost of Hair Transplant in Dubai With Other Countries:

Most people have no idea how much Hair Transplant surgery would be cheaper in Dubai. Dirhams rates are quite lesser compared to dollars or pounds.

Dubai’s clinics are mostly offering AED 7999– the starting price of a hair transplant. Indeed this price is the most affordable but at our clinic, AED 6999 is the initial cost. This great difference can be appreciated without compromising the quality.

By having this surgery from Dubai you can save 70-75% of the money. Though with us you save more of your amount. Throughout Dubai, we are famous as the Best Hair Transplant Clinic. Our transplantation qualities are never compromised in terms of the cheap rates we offer.

In Conclusion:

So now you have more information about the latest rates of a transplant. I hope this can assist you while making an appropriate decision.

Remember, an ideal cost estimate is never possible without an initial diagnosis. Prefer speaking to our surgeons to determine the required amount of hair follicles and unique preferences as well. Based on this information they would inform some cost figures you are expected to spend on this surgery.

For answers to any queries regarding Hair Transplant Costs in Dubai 2021, reach us through chat or book your consultation.