hair shedding and covid-19

COVID-19 Infection has badly affected every aspect of our life. Whether it caused financial stability, took our loved ones, almost ended social life, stress, bad health due to the weak immune system. It didn’t even spare our hair which is the main reason for our happiness.

People get depressed more and more.

The destruction caused by the COVID is not over yet.

We have to suffer from the after recovery side effects too. From the loss of smell and taste, we lack mental clarity and unconsciousness to severe hair loss.

One of the significant long-term side effects of the COVID-19 infection is hair shedding for a long time, which is scary.

The covid patients need to get their consultation done from a specialist to solve this problem asap and most suitably.

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Main Reasons for Hair Loss:

Hair loss is a common fact in men and women, and there are several reasons behind it.

  • Medications for different diseases, especially hormonal medicines.
  • Major Emotional stressed
  • Genetics
  • Surgical Treatments
  • Ageing
  • Due to Childbirth
  • Beginning of menopause period.
  • Viral Infections
  • Thyroid Dysfunction

A Common Reason Behind Hair Loss:

Commonly, a person sheds 100- 150 hairs in a daily comb which is okay. When you feel clumps of hair falling or shedding out after experiencing the illness or stress, this condition is called telogen effluvium.

Almost 90% of the hairs in our scalp are in a growth state, called anagen. And the rest of the 10% are in a rest phase called telogen. As the anagen is in a growth state, its lifespan is about three or more years. After three years, the anagen begins to transform into a telogen which lasts about three to six months. After the telogen gets shed, they get replaced by the new anagen hairs.

That’s how the hair growth cycle continues.

COVID-19 and Hairfall:

You may notice an excessive hair fall or hair shed after going through a stressful event, like caring for loved ones who are sick or hospitalized and after pregnancy trauma—especially an individual going through the stress, or he is being ill. People notice a lot of hair fall and clumps after recovering from the COVID-19. As it is a life and death problem, people get traumatized, and it gets hard for them to remain positive. Due to COVID-19, our body shifts to a significant change too soon in this intense stress condition. Typically, 10% of anagen hairs get transmitted to telogen hairs that get shed further after three to six months. Instead, 50% of the anagen hairs get transformed into telogen hairs, resulting in significant hair fall and clumping when you shower or brush your hair.

How Long Does the Hair Shedding Last After the COVID-19?

The hair shedding might last for three to six months after those (almost 50%) of anagen hair shifted prematurely to the telogen hair. After the complete recovery from COVID-19, your hair will start getting back to the routine. Losing telogen doesn’t mean you have lost your hair follicles. Only your hair sheds out, which can be grown within a few months.

After a few months, when your hair gets back to the routine, you will notice a change in the hair thickness. They will not grow back as thick as they used to be before. You will see a difference in the growth, as it will be slower, like only a centimetre a month.

If you have shoulder-length hair, it will approximately take two years to get long hair enough for a full ponytail.

Some people who have suffered from COVID-19 and had a prolonged recovery time may get the severe hair fall called chronic telogen effluvium, which may last more than six months to a couple of years. The doctors couldn’t find the actual reason behind this prolonged hair shedding.

Dermatologists usually treat people suffering from prolonged COVID-19 hair shedding with medical therapy. Dynamic Clinic offers Hair loss treatment in Dubai primarily to cater the COVID patients.

Hair Loss Treatments for COVID-19 Infection:

Treating a patient with hair loss can be tricky because hair loss treatments take time and much patience. It is impossible to get your lost hair back after a few days of treatment. The dermatologist encourages people who are getting therapies. Patients are advised to evaluate and observe their progress throughout the treatment journey. The dermatologist recommends that patients take a one-minute brush test daily and collect the hair to see the progress.

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