hair regrowth treatment in dubai

When you are young at heart, observing your hair thinning up may seem a little depressing. On the other hand, if one is young and starts experiencing hair loss, it may feel tragic. In order to feel young again or restore your self-confidence, dermatologists and plastic surgeons have various solutions for you. Treatments such as hair transplant or PRP are quite famous among the people who face baldness, in any way. You can find many clinics for hair loss treatment in Dubai. We intend to explicate all the potential options that you can opt to combat hair loss.

Hair Regrowth Treatments:

If you have bald patches on your head, they can surely be treated. Hair loss is not some kind of curse that you cannot get rid of. There are both invasive and non-invasive treatments of hair regrowth. PRP treatment, for instance, is non-invasive in nature, while hair transplant is a surgical procedure through which hair is made to regrow.

1.      PRP Therapy for Hair Loss:

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is a widely used procedure in which the blood of the client is used, processed, and injected in the scalp to accelerate blood supply and thus inciting hair growth. Blood from a patient is drawn, typically from the arm, then separated into layers: from the three layers that are formed, platelet-rich plasma is taken. This is done so that when this blood reaches the scalp, it strengthens the weakened hair follicle and helps the hair grow back. Because PRP injections are non-invasive, you can carry on with your tasks soon. The recovery is also rapid. The benefit of PRP therapy is that it helps prevent more hair loss thereby strengthening the whole scalp. However, you may be required multiple times to get these injections before getting proper and promising results. If you need information regarding PRP in Dubai¸ keep reading the article.

2.      Hair Transplant:

Hair transplant is an in-office, surgical procedure which is opted to treat pattern baldness. Of course, you cannot stop hair from falling, but you can surely slow this process down. In this procedure, strips of hair are removed from the functional area of the scalp to fill it into the less functional or dysfunctional area. In simple words, this would mean that in hair transplant, the area where hair is still present is taken out and put into the area with thin or now hair. There are two major methods which your surgeon may employ to render the scalp richer: follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).


In this procedure, the hair strip of a few inches is taken from the back of a patient’s head. This is then divided into thousands of tiny grafts with a minimum number of hairs. All this is determined after the size, hair type, color, quality of the area which is being transplanted.


The FUE procedure includes shaving the scalp of the area. This area’s follicles are removed one by one. These are later healed.

The next process is the same once you have gone through either of these steps. Now, the grafts that were made before, are planted onto the scalp one by one. As it is clear after reading that the process is quite long. Therefore, it may take from 5 to 8 hours. The duration of transplant depends upon the size of transplant that you are getting.

Who is Qualified for Hair Transplant?

Anyone suffering from medical issues, relating to kidney, liver, or other crucial organs, is not qualified for this. Not everyone is qualified for this.

Hair transplant is said to have a success rate of 80%. Mostly, it is done only once to be successful in terms of hair regrowth. It is only in rare cases that you might need to take an extra session or if you feel like having thicker hair. Otherwise, hair transplant has the most promising results and most clients have given a satisfactory response to this particular treatment.

How Should Recovery Feel Like?

Most people carry on with their lives normally after 2 to 5 days. However, it is highly important to be careful after the treatment. Your doctor will cover your hair with bandages in order to help the scalp heal. Moreover, since it is a surgical procedure, you may experience some degree of pain. This is normal. In fact, your surgeon will certainly recommend some anti-inflammatory medicines to combat this pain.

Hair Transplant in Dubai!

We have tried to give a comprehensive detail of hair transplant in this article. However, if you need more detail regarding hair regrowth treatments, a specialist can help you. Likewise, if you are searching for the right place to get hair transplant in Dubai¸ we can get you in touch with our surgeons. Book a free appointment with Dynamic Clinic and ring up!