Hair Fall No More: The Best Treatment Options

Hair loss is the most discussable and trendy topic nowadays. Because Hair Fall has spread like an invasive disease all over the world. You can be a victim of hair loss, no matter how old you are. The only way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hair is a wonderful gift from God. Hair loss does not discriminate. People from various backgrounds, both male and female, are prone to losing their hair. Because it depends on their lifestyle, age, and hereditary genes. But the cosmetic industry makes it possible to regain your hair. So Hair Fall No More: The Best Treatment Options in Dubai. Because there are many treatments available.

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss?

There are many causes of hair loss. It can be external or internal. But the following are the major causes:

  • Hair loss because of genetics (genes inherited from your parents).
  • Fungi cause scalp infections.
  • Hairstyles that tighten the hair (such as braids, hair extensions, or tight ponytails).
  • Hair care products that may cause processing damage (including perms and bleach).
  • Changes in hormones (such as during pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause).
  • Medical attention (such as chemotherapy and certain medications).
  • Deficiencies in nutrition (especially not getting enough iron or protein).
  • Tense situations (like having surgery or losing a loved one).
  • Thyroid disorder.

Symptoms of hair loss:

People experience hair loss in a variety of ways. It depends on the type of hair loss and the cause. The following are the major symptoms of the issue:

  • Male pattern baldness is characterized by receding hairlines.
  • Hair loss all over the head (typical of female pattern hair loss).
  • It appears in small patches on the scalp.
  • Hair loss on the scalp and body.


If you are undergoing chemotherapy and are losing your hair. Then your healthcare provider will need to conduct some investigation. That will determine what is causing your hair loss. Your provider may do the following to determine the diagnosis:

  • Inquire about your family history, including whether any relatives experienced hair loss.
  • Examine your medical history.
  • Order thyroid function and iron level blood tests.
  • Look for signs of infection on your scalp.
  • To rule out skin disease, the expert will suggest a scalp biopsy.

Treatment Option:

Both invasive and non-invasive procedures are available for treatment. The Best Hair Fall Treatment in Dubai can help you. The effective methods by our skilled doctors to achieve the greatest efficiency. The following are the most effective treatments:

Invasive Treatment:

These are the most reliable and enduring treatments. This procedure is less invasive and more reliable. The following are the primary treatment:


In this procedure, hair follicles will collect from the skin. And then will be transferred into the receding areas of the scalp. It is the most effective and successful hair transplant option. It also produces fewer scars than other procedures.


In this method, the strip of hairs will be extracted from the scalp skin. It will be extracted from the back of the head. It depends on the need for new hair in the area. The width of the strip is between 1 and 1.5 cm. FUT surgery is faster than FUE surgery. 

Hybrid Hair Transplant:

This procedure combines the FUT and FUE techniques. It helps achieve the greatest number of grafts possible. This combined technique performs both FUE and FUT at the same time. The results of a hybrid hair transplant are nearly identical to the natural hairline. It may be possible to treat all areas of alopecia with a single surgery. 

DHI Implantation Technique:

This transplantation with FUE involves the formation of channels. It involves replacing healthy hair with receding areas. The treatment works by using a special instrument. 

Non-invasive Hair Restoration:

Invasive methods are not always effective for many people. That’s why we have a very effective non-invasive hair restoration treatment. The following are the main ones:

PRP Treatment:

The treatment uses your own blood to perform the procedure. To separate plasma and platelets. Then a small amount of your blood is centrifuged. Then it will be administered in the treatment area. You will notice an increase in your natural hair after a few sessions.


This method also has no negative side effects. Some specific supplements are injected into your scalp. That boosts the process of hair growth. To achieve the best results, a few sessions are required.

ACell Therapy:

To reduce hair thinning in the receding areas of the scalp. A combination of PRP and ACell is injected into the scalp. This treatment helps to boost hair growth.

Laser treatment:

It is popular laser technology for treating hair loss or thinning. A diode-based low-level laser beam will be administered into the area. The treatment provokes hair growth cells.

Exosome treatment:

It is a non-invasive hair loss treatment. That involves injecting exosomes into the balding areas of the scalp. These exosomes stimulate the follicles, causing hair to regrow.


The Hair Loss Treatment Cost in Dubai is very reasonable. It can range from AED 6,999 to AED 13,999. But it depends on many factors. The following are the cost boosting element:

  • The doctor’s knowledge.
  • The severity of the hair loss.
  • The geographical location of the clinic.
  • The selection of the procedure.

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