Gynecological Ultrasound Cost in Dubai

With the advancing era, as the frequency of diseases is increasing, so are the treatments and diagnostic procedures. Scientists are inventing different approach that helps to diagnose the severity of the disease. We do not have any idea about our internal condition. When infection occurs, symptoms start appearing. But if these symptoms remain occult, the internal state keeps on worsening. For this purpose, CT, MRI, and ultrasounds help to identify different diseases. They also help to keep a check on the fetus in the pregnancy phase and other female reproductive disorders. The growth and nourishment of the fetus are essential to see. For this purpose, one should know about Gynecological Ultrasound Costs in Dubai.

What is it?

Ultrasound is the imaging diagnostic procedure that uses sound waves to produce an image of the internal structures. At the same time, the technique in gynecology identifies the disorder of the female reproductive system and helps to see the development of the fetus in pregnancy.


Every system of our body faces some disease. Similarly, the female reproductive system also has to encounter difficulties. The following are the diseases that occur the most in it and are easily identifiable through ultrasound.

  • Fibroids:

They are benign growth in the uterus. If they are present, they increase in size day by causing discomfort. Their size can vary from tiny, visible under the microscope, to a large size equal to the melon. Its symptoms include pain, discomfort, and heaviness in the pelvic region. If it gets worsens, it can cause bleeding too.

  • Polyps:

They are also non-cancerous growth in the uterus that arise from the inner layer and grow in size with time. This condition also causes pain, discomfort in the pelvis, and vaginal bleeding.

  • Cysts:

They are the sacs where fluid fills and becomes more significant in size. Cysts commonly occur on the ovary and are not risky. However, the doctor decides on the surgical removal of cysts according to their size.

  • Endometriosis:

The endometrium lines the uterus on the inner surface. If this tissue starts to grow outside the uterus on ovaries and fallopian tubes, it causes this condition.


The doctor uses several different types to diagnose the disease. The doctor uses the ultrasound according to the condition.

  • Abdominal:

It is a type in which the doctor uses an ultrasound machine. He runs that machine all over the body and helps to see its internal structures. 

  • Transvaginal:

In this type, the doctor inserts a device in the vagina to examine the organs of the female reproductive system. It helps to explore the structures more carefully to find any abnormality. A screen attaches to the machine shows the inner images.

  • Hysterosalpingogram:

It helps to diagnose the blockage in the fallopian tubes of the uterus.

  • Saline Sonohysterography:

It helps diagnose the endometrial polyps found in the uterus.


Gynecological ultrasound in Dubai is a non-invasive procedure that causes no pain. It only helps to show and highlight internal images of the structure. It tells us about the condition of the internal structure of the female reproductive system.


Gynecological Ultrasound Cost in Dubai is so reasonable that it is affordable for everyone. It ranges from 800AED to 850AED.


It is necessary to follow the aftercare precautions. If you have your ultrasound done, Consult the gynecologist for further discussions. Take your medications on time as your doctor prescribes. Avoid strenuous activity and prevent the medicines if your doctor doesn’t allow them.


It has several benefits that make it easy for the doctor to treat the disease. The gynecologist does not recommend CT and MRI as they contain a high frequency of radiation that can harm the fetus. There is a variety of conditions that can affect the fetus in the pregnancy phase.

It was ultimately resulting in defects in the newborn child. It also has the following benefits.

  • It helps to detect abnormalities in the reproductive system.
  • Recognize the polyps and cysts in the uterus.
  • Detect a pregnancy.
  • This procedure shows a clear image of the internal structures.

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