Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology Impact Factor

A lot of the problems often would have gone undiagnosed and unnoticed if Gynecological Ultrasounds in Dubai were not used as facilitators. A Gynecological ultrasound is considered as one of the most important diagnostic tools in the entire department of gynecology and obstetrics. This is the reason why our clinic has a completely separate department of sonology that deals with the ultrasounds in both abdomen, pelvic and even the transvaginal scans. Importance of gynecological ultrasounds and its impact in obstetrics is very important to be taken into consideration. 

Importance of Ultrasounds in Obstetrics and Gynecology:

Dubai is densely populated with females.   This means that there should be multiple ultrasounds available. Our clinic seeds about more than hundreds of ultrasound machines not just in the gynecological department but in the other departments as well.  

This is the clear indication of how raise or the impact factor of ultrasound is in Gynecology and Obstetrics

The following enlisted are some important reasons of using ultrasounds in our clinic.

For the Confirmation of Pregnancies:

According to the gynecologist the initial test for confirmation of pregnancy is a beta HCG blood test. This is still not an absolute confirmatory test unless and until the candidate gates it confirmed through an early ultrasound. The presence of a pregnancy at an early stage can only be detected at an ultrasound. No wonder how earlier the weeks can be and can even show the signs as early as three to four weeks.

To Locate  the Pregnancy and Fetal Pole:

Another sound picture can also be helpful in detecting the presence of a fetal pole whether it is attached to the lining of the uterus or it is implanted into the fallopian tube. check the viability of the fetus 

To Evaluate the Status of Gestation:

Gynecologist consider ultrasound as one of the key key tools to evaluate the status of gestation for stop the number of weeks and how they correspond to the LMP is well illustrated through gynecological ultrasounds in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

To know the Expected Delivery Date (EDD): 

A lot of the women often don’t actually remember the date of their limp and so this can be well evaluated and tentatively can be described by taking an aid of a gynecological ultrasound.

To Locate the Presence of Placenta:

The placenta is one of the most important organs during pregnancy. First, its location plays a vital role in identifying the status of the pregnancy whether it is a higher risk or a normal one. This can again be shown on an ultrasound easily.

To Check the Presence of Any Existing Malformation:

A lot of the fetal malformations are asymptomatic. First of it there are no signs and symptoms felt in females that can detect the presence of any malformation in the fetus. This however can be detectable on an ultrasound especially in an anomaly scan which is normally done in the second trimester of the pregnancy. However chromosomal abnormalities are not Detected through ultrasound.

To Evaluate Clearance of RPCs:

After a miscarriage it is very important to evaluate whether all the products of conception have been excreted out from the body or not. In case of the presence of any products of conception there can be high risk of infections and other systemic problems as well. To evaluate whether they retain products of conception have left the body completely a transcranial scan or the regular abdominal ultrasound is done. It shows whether the uterus has been completely cleared off or not.

Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology Impact Factor:

According to multiple researches and studies it is inferred that from the past years and the data collected from 2012 to 2000 20 2 it is uh concluded that from 2015 onwards ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology impact factor has raised massively. This study and conclusion is a clear picture that demonstrates how important ultrasounds have become in the area of gynecology for stop our clinic also ensures to have the best technology these ultrasounds that are readily available wherever required be it an emergency case or regular. 

The Cost of Ultrasound in Dubai:

Cost of ultrasound in Dubai fairly is starts from 800 AED. The cost actually depends on the area and the sonologist who is performing it. 

Call for Action:

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