Root canal with laser

Undoubtedly, dentistry has made enormous success especially in terms of endodontics.  The advent of word laser therapy for a Root Canal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is one of the major and vast successes ever achieved. This clearly proves that the less invasive the techniques the more easier it is for the dentist to carry out and easy for the patient as well. This article addresses everything about laser therapies done for root canal treatments and impact on the entire treatment.

What is a Root Canal Treatment? 

A root canal treatment is a conventional method in which the canals present in the root of a tooth are debrided, cleansed, shaped and filled in order to clear out any existing infection. The goal of the treatment is to reduce pain and work on the conservation of the tooth.

The most conventional method of root canal treatment is done through files that are made-up of stainless steel. The latter were then done by pro tapers which are known as Rotary endodontic files. Now, the root canal is even more advanced and is done through laser therapies. Yes! you got it right, lasers are not just bound for aesthetic purposes but also have taken their lead in dentistry as well.

In Which Conditions is a Root Canal Treatment Done? 

  •  Severe pain in the tooth that can spread into ears and neck.
  •  A tooth that has recently suffered from a trauma.
  •  A tooth that is expected to become mobile in a couple of days.
  •  Tooth that is responsible for giving some support in a bridge.

How is a Root Canal Treatment Performed? 

According to conventional methods, the root canal is Performed by using stainless steel files. Initially the dentist will remove the pulp from the crown portion of the tooth that is supposed to be infected. 

The pulp is the main substituent that is responsible for the nourishment of the tooth. Later, when the crown portion of the pulp is removed the dentist will then use the files to remove the pulp from the radicular portion that involves the root canals. 

Once the infected pulp is removed the dentist will now use files for cleaning and shaping the canals so that the filling materials can be placed into the canals.

As soon as the filling material is placed into the canals the crown portion is then filled up with tooth colored filling material known as composite.  

The process is then followed by the placement of a porcelain fused to metal crown that completes the conventional method of a root canal treatment.

Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment: A specialized innovation:

As far as the laser assisted root canal treatment is concerned, the removal of the infected pulp both from the crown portion as well as the root portion is done through soft rays of the laser. 

This not only removes the entire pulp easily but also saves the time of the dentist and prevents blockage which is very common with the removal of pulp through files.

The Pros and Cons of Root Canal Treatment by Laser:

 The Pros:

  •  Fast and precise treatment.
  •  Less chances of errors.
  •  Saves time of the dentist as well as the candidate.
  •  Open up the blockages of the pulp that is less easily cleared off through files.

The Cons:

  • Can lead to chances of fracture in rare conditions.
  • Not available in every dental clinic.
  • May require specialized skills to use the laser device.

Cost of Laser Assisted Root Canal Treatment:

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 The Final Verdict!

We  proudly say that our clinic has almost all the new, innovative techniques and devices that are researched and evolved. Other than that our clinicians and the dental surgeons are all very specialized to use the tools and equipment that possess new technologies. 

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