Gastric Botox in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Dynamic Clinic

Lose weight without any surgery or Heavy workouts! – Try Gastric Botox in Dubai. 

Using Botox for weight loss is relatively a new procedure and unknown to many people. In this method, gastric injections temporarily relax the muscles causing them to contract less. This certainly leads to loss of appetite, and therefore reduced weight.

Botox Injection Procedure for Weight Loss:

Botox in Dubai is relatively a short procedure. You need to spare only 30 minutes from your busy schedule. After this, you are good to go anywhere. No downtime, no side effects, and no long complications sound attractive. You can easily talk with our doctors during the procedure. They only guide the endoscope through your mouth into the stomach to inject Botox into stomach muscle.

Is Stomach Botox Suitable for Me?

Gastric Botox is usually offered to those with a BMI between 27 and 35 who wish to lose weight. Plus, healthy diets and sports activities haven’t also benefited yet. So if you are one of those people then absolutely gastric Botox is right for you.

In general, this is specifically meant for those who are not obese enough to be operated on and want to lose a considerable amount of weight for an ideal body figure. Besides on the other side, obese people with excess fats can have weight loss surgeries such as liposuction or tummy tuck.

How Long Does Gastric Botox Last in Dubai?

Usually, patients notice fullness in their stomach within the first week of treatment which lasts for 5-6 months. Though, this period is enough to lose 8-12 kg weight. Still, if any further enhancement is needed one can easily repeat the treatment after six months.

How Quickly Weight Loses?

Well, standing on a weight machine daily to wait for the weight to drop is a stressful activity. This act can mentally disturb you. So I personally suggest avoiding this. After having Gastric Botox in Dubai, wait for at least 4 weeks. In this period, you can easily find out what Botox has done to your body. You would actually start feeling slim.

Important: Check your weight every month. This would easily let you discern the new you compared with the previous body figure.


Even though Botox is declared safe. But get yourself prepared to bear some of its associated complications. Well, they are not as intense as you are thinking. Just like every injectable procedure, Botox also results in nausea, vomiting, or some stomach cramps; which are temporary and gradually disappear. So don’t panic.

In our initial consultation, we inform our patients about potential side effects and how to manage them. With us, you will be in safe hands. We take deep care of our patients before, during, and after treatment.

Anytime you notice any problem, you can consult our doctors without any hesitation.


As this procedure is intended for decreased stomach capacity or early fullness, it’s important for you to follow a proper nutritional plan to maintain weight as well as fitness. Sometimes eating so little results in low blood pressure and other complications so get proper assistance regarding the diet before trying this treatment.

The Takeaway:

Diets and exercises not working don’t mean losing hope. Never give up! Try to change the way you treat yourself. A bulk of procedures exist to help you in this regard but as stated above the benefits you can get from stomach Botox will not be possible with any other treatment. So why waste time on pointless procedures when you have Botox? Get up, go consult our doctors now. Disclose your unique body goals, medical condition, and acquire a smooth, slim, and contoured body.

Well, if you would like to have any further information about Endoscopic Gastric Botox in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, contact us.