fue with prp

Don’t be like your hair, guys! They generally keep on falling for all anywhere. Jokes apart, we know how it feels to be seeing your healthier hair falling. An unpopular opinion is that a hair fall hurts more than a breakup. But the good news is that thicker hair is waiting for you.

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic provides a Fue Hair Transplant in Dubai, a hair loss therapy that restores the head’s youthfulness!

Is PRP There Too?

Yes, this is an advancement!

The hair restoration treatment is not just all alone, but it gets used with the addition of PRP treatment in Dubai. You must have been hearing about PRP’s wonders in skin revitalization. Have you ever imagined the results of this rich plasma are used in returning more healthier hair back to us?

We’ll tell you how!

What is FUE?

FUE represents Follicular Unit Extraction, an effective hair transplant technique based on harvesting single hair follicles from the healthier skin and then implanting them where there is a thin hair growth or hair absence.

How do I know I need FUE with PRP?

Hair loss is a common problem; it is entirely okay and not a concern if a person sheds 100 hair daily while combing. But for the people who have been facing severe hair loss, their hair is getting thinner day by day, and the scalp has started looking clean. 

People generally have hair loss problems due to heredity factors, hormonal imbalance, health conditions, and a poor diet that has nothing to do with hair health. 

The other hair loss reason might be the excessive use of hair styling products and chronic illness or trauma. 

If any of you have earlier mentioned hair issues, you all need to get your hair treated with the FUE and PRP.

What are the Specifications for getting FUE with PRP? 

Generally, Hair transplants specialists at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai work based on a person’s aesthetic goals, and their hair health must be according to the following criteria:

  • The person’s donor site (from where the hairs are to be harvested) must have enough healthy hairs.
  • A person with shorter or nearly shaved hair.
  • Textured, curly, or straight hair.

How do FUE and PRP work?

The person who presented the idea of PRP deserves the most significant award in the history of medical treatment. After its success in making people super satisfied with their skin, now hair transplant experts have started its application in hair restoration too. 

The use of PRP in hair restoration 

The medical professional draws out a small amount of blood sample from the person’s arm, and then this taken blood is put in the centrifuge machine. The machine works like a spinner and then separates the blood components. These are:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma.
  • Platelet Poor Plasma.
  • Red Blood Cells.

The PRP then gets injected into the thinner hair or bald area, activating a person’s body’s natural healing process, resulting in healthier, thicker hair.

How does FUE work?

FUE is an outpatient procedure that takes two to four hours to complete.

FUE starts with applying local anesthesia, and then the medical professional precisely takes the hair follicles from the donor site one by one with a micro punch tool. After that, the doctor makes tiny cuts or incisions on the transplanted area with needles or other instruments. Then, the harvested hair follicles get inserted into them precisely.

Usually, several sessions of FUE are required. The hair loss therapy has minimal side effects, no detectable scarring, and up to 80% transplanted grow back.

When will there be Hair Regrowth?

The transplanted donor hair is expected to fall out first, and then the regrowth will start. Approximately 3 to 4 months after the initial hair transplant sessions, you will see healthier and thicker hair growth. 

Hair Loss Treatment Dubai Cost?

Hair transplant in Dubai with the FUE technique starts from 6,999 AED per session. The charges may vary depending on the number of hairs transplanted and varies from patient to patient.

An Advanced Hair Restoration at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic!

Along with many other incredible cosmetic therapies, the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic offers the Fue with PRP, the ultimate hair transplant technique perfect for covering up the scalp the best way!

Experience Fue Hair Transplant in Dubai from our board-certified hair experts! Book a Free Consultation!