Eyelid Surgery for Thyroid Eye Disease

People opt for eyelid surgery for cosmetic reasons; however, sometimes, the reasons can be purely medical. A serious condition called thyroid eye disease is the reason most people have to undergo eyelids surgery. If you are looking for eyelid surgery in Dubai, Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic can help you.

What is Thyroid Eye Disease?

In a thyroid eye disease, inflammation of the eyelids occurs. This leads to eyelid retraction, a condition where eyelids shrink so much so that they get pulled away from the frontal part of the eye. Moreover, the eyelids swell and cause extreme dryness in the eyes. The eyes also feel burdened because of swelling in the upper and lower eyelids. Along with this, thyroid eye disease affects the vision of a person.

Thyroid Eye Disease cannot be treated without surgery, especially in severe cases. Therefore, in order to get rid of the discomfort that thyroid eye disease entails, eyelid surgery, more specifically known as blepharoplasty, is performed.


Blepharoplasty is done by making incisions on the upper as well as lower eyelids. Through these incisions, the extra fat accumulation or skin is eliminated. This makes the eye restore its original size. The swelling is reduced due to which the eye starts feeling less burdened.

Before the Surgery:

Before you undergo blepharoplasty, you need to take care of some precautionary measures. After a proper inspection, your doctor will recommend you to:

  • Do not take blood thinning medication such as aspirin. This is done to make sure that an individual does not bleed too much during the surgery.
  • Avoid smoking because it can slow down the healing process.
  • Your medical history is taken. If you have undergone any cosmetic procedure, you are required to inform your doctor about it.
  • Avoiding eye drops.
  • Observing blood pressure to avoid complications during the surgery.
  • A diabetes test is also taken sometimes to see if a person has mild diabetes that can affect the surgical process.

During the Surgery:

First of all, anesthesia is injected into the targeted area, i.e., the upper or lower eyelid. Usually, patients remain conscious during the procedure. After giving anesthesia or sedatives, a small incision is made on either of the eyelids. Only the excess skin is then removed through the incision so that the eye can close and blink properly and the eyes do not feel dry or irritated. A similar procedure is performed on either of the eyelids.

Once the surgery has been completed, the incision is stitched, and a bandage is put over it. Patients are once asked to open their eyes to see the results of the surgery. This is how thyroid eye surgery in Dubai is performed at our clinic.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

To recover properly, you will always have a dressing on for a week or two. In order to speed up your recovery, you will be given medication. If your eye feels irritated or dried after the procedure, an eye ointment may be recommended. You will have to deal with swelling for two months after the procedure. You should not unnecessarily touch the affected site. After a few weeks, you will be allowed to touch the area in order to wash it with a cotton bud with the help of lukewarm water.

Eyelid Surgery Cost in Dubai:

The price of eyelid surgery in Dubai at our clinic ranges from AED 8000 to AED 16,000. If you want to treat only one of the two eyelids, it will cost you AED 8000. However, for the treatment of both eyelids, you will be charged AED 16,000. This price is not fixed everywhere because the price of procedures depends upon the practitioner you choose and the geographical location of the clinic. Therefore, in order to know the exact price, you need to consult your doctor.


Blepharoplasty is available at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic at an affordable rate. You can be treated at our clinic by some of the best surgeons who ensure the safety of your eye. The eye is a sensitive part of the body, and no negligence can be afforded when it comes to this. This is why you need to choose your surgeon carefully by making sure that they are experienced enough. For more queries, contact Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. Book an appointment with us now to get acquainted with our highly qualified professionals.