Everything You Need to Know About Thread Lift in Dubai Dynamic Clinic

Fast Facts:

  • It is a non-invasive alternative to traditional Facelift
  • In 2021, one session of thread lift costs AED 8,000
  • It involves short-term recovery. Most patients resume routine tasks immediately after the treatment

What is a Thread Lift?

Sagging skin can be improved non-surgically and Thread Lift Treatment in Dubai is a well-known treatment in this regard. It is a type of cosmetic treatment in which temporary sutures are used to provide the skin with a notable and lasting “lift”. So, rather than physically removing excess skin, the surgeon stitches up the sagging areas of it. Anyway, besides dealing with loose skin, it also improves body healing response. It does this by increasing the concentrations of collagen beneath the top layers of the skin. Collagen is an important skin protein, responsible for keeping the skin firm and elastic. Unfortunately, with age, the body starts to produce less and less collagen, which eventually leads to a 70% reduction in skin thickness.

This is an effective and easy procedure. It is, however, important to note that you need to find an experienced and highly trained practitioner to avoid side-effects.

Simply put: thread lift is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment to tighten droopy skin for improving its tone and texture. It offers promising results, and recovery time is significantly shorter than other skin tightening treatments.

Who is it For?

The ideal candidate is someone who has mild to moderate loose skin. Just for the record, it is not a treatment to fix extremely sagging skin.

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How it Works:

A thread lift is a painless, out-patient procedure that doesn’t need anesthesia to function. In the procedure, the PDO sutures are targeted deep into the affected skin, enabling skin tightening to occur right away. Within a week, you see a dramatic improvement in your skin.

How to Prepare for the First Appointment?

Your physician will give you comprehensive guidelines in order to prepare for your first important. You should follow them carefully.


Our cosmetic treatments are fast gaining popularity amongst our customers. A procedure that produces similar effects to a surgical facelift without serious complications, thread lift holds several benefits including:

  1. Long-term, instant effects
  2. No downtime
  3. Smoother, tighter skin
  4. Enhanced self-esteem
  5. Improved appearance

How Many Treatments are Required?

The total number of sessions varies depending on the patient’s skin, age, hormonal balance, and desired outcome. However, most patients require three sessions to get great results.

What’s the Recovery Like?

Fortunately, there’s no recovery time for it and patients may resume regular activities within two to three hours. By the way, mild pain and swelling have been reported by previous patients so be prepared.

When will I See the Results?

It is worth pointing out that the results may differ from patient to patient according to the treatment area, age, gender, and hormonal changes. But in general, patients get great results after the first session, with improved results following each visit but mainly after the second treatment and onward.

Note: in addition to improving loose skin, this treatment has a side-effect of making the skin red and sensitive.


In Dubai, it costs about AED 4000 to AED 8000 to have a Thread Lift, plus the fees of the surgeon and follow-up care.


As with other cosmetic treatments, it also has some side-effects including bruising, swelling, pain, headache, lumps, and soreness.

The Takeaway:

Since it is minimally invasive and so there is no long-term recovery associated with it as with other fat reduction surgeries. Within a month, patients are fully recovered.

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