Everything You Need to Know About Braces in Dubai

An attractive smile is a goal that many thrive to achieve in life. Most individuals, due to their uneven teeth, are scared to smile as they feel ashamed. Advancement in technology makes life easy for everyone regardless of age and gender by promoting the best and minimal discomfort Orthodontic Treatment to bring the desired smile back. One of the most opted in this treatment is Braces.

Dynamic Clinic Dubai’s dental clinic is a profound place for concerning people. Read the article blew for Every Thing You Need To Know About Braces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

What Are Braces?

Braces are the orthodontic treatment that focuses on balancing the alignment of the teeth. Historically, braces used to be very painful while wearing them and could injure a person badly. Furthermore, the braces were considered an element that triggered a lack of self-esteem. With all the advancements in technology, braces are made painless, more invisible, and comfortable, assuring guaranteed results.

Types Of Braces:

Braces are considered to be the most effective way to enhance a beautiful smile by correcting misaligned teeth. Currently, an individual can choose from a variety of braces types.

These types include:

When Can One Have Braces?

Braces aim is to make sure you have the best eating experience by aligning the teeth. Braces have opted when:

  • Having crooked teeth.
  • Have crowning.
  • Misaligned teeth.
  • Spaces between teeth.
  • Biting concerns.
  • Jaw growth concerns.
  • Straightening of teeth.

Suitable Age Bracket To Have Braces:

Braces in Dubai can be opted by anyone regardless of age and gender. The type might vary depending upon age, but nothing has been seen related to the treatment procedure. There are no specific restrictions for it, but mostly, it is recommended that people from 9 – 14 are the best ages to go for braces. Other references claim that 18 – 22 years of age is best for braces treatment. While considering the braces above the age bracket, it is suggested to directly consult the dentists to guide you more on this effectively.

Benefits And Risks Of Braces:


  • Enhances the chances of having a perfect smile.
  • Improve bite concerns.
  • Effective for gyms health.
  • Correct the alignment of the teeth.
  • It helps in improving jaw growth.
  • Maintain the spaces between teeth.
  • Correct crowning


Unfortunately, every treatment has minor risk factors that need to consider before moving towards the procedure. Similarly, braces have some disadvantages.

These includes:

  • Minor swelling on gums due to metal brackets.
  • A little discomfort as your teeth is adjusting with the braces.
  • Losing a part tooth (no permanent effects) is entirely normal in orthodontic treatment.
  • Require many follow-ups
  • In few cases, individuals complain about not having the desired outcome, but it only happens when the orthodontist is not experienced enough.

Price for Braces:

Everything You Need to Know About Braces in Dubai prices varies depending upon the opted braces material.  Our clinic’s orthodontic treatments assure affordable price ranges with straightforward payment procedures. Price ranges are calculated as:

  • Traditional Braces at AED 4,000 to AED 10,000.
  • Ceramic Braces at AED 6,000 to AED 12,500.
  • Clear Aligners at AED 7000 to AED 14,000.
  • Lingual Braces at AED 8000 to AED 15,000.

Braces Outcomes:

Braces are one of the practical procedures to get the perfect smile. It improves the overall health of the teeth and mouth in just a few weeks, but for complete visibility of the outcomes, one needs to wait at least 6 – 7 months considering the braces option.  For concern factor, results may differ from person to person as everyone has a different bone structure and condition of teeth.


There are no hard and fast rules and regulations before visiting the orthodontist. Just minor pre-procedure instruction needs to consider that is having clean teeth. Furthermore, there are no food restrictions as well.


The treatment plan is simple:

  • You visit the Orthodontist clinic for the braces.
  • They clean your teeth and prepare them for the braces procedure.
  • Then they apply ceramic or traditional braces.
  • They fix the props according to the individual’s mouth.
  • Arch wires are attached to protect the gums.
  • And after all of it, the doctor suggests follow-ups for tightening the braces as they lose their elasticity over time.


After the procedure, it is recommended:

  • Eat meals that are not hard to chew.
  • Regularly apply prescribed wax.
  • Take prescribed mediation for pain, if any.
  • Keep braces stain-less
  • One must avoid soft drinks, coffee, and tea.

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