wisom tooth removal


Under correct following of protocols and by a skillful expert, wisdom tooth removal is not painful at all. It is very important for a dentist to be well-versed and should have sound knowledge for the tooth removal techniques. Only then there are less incidences of trauma to the jaw as well as no pain to the patient. All the teeth share a similar level of pain when removed. However, the wisdom tooth is more difficult to be extracted and the level of pain threshold is lesser as compared to the other teeth. This is because it is located in the corner-most part of the jaw. Our Dynamic clinic has the Best Dentist for Wisdom Tooth Extraction who are very experienced in wisdom tooth removal in dubai and patients go home pain free without any complaint. 

What are the indications of wisdom tooth removal?

  • Severely infected wisdom tooth
  • Dead and completely decayed 
  • A wisdom tooth that causes excessive crowding and overlapping of teeth
  • For aesthetic purpose such as release of bulky cheeks
  • Impacted or completely embedded wisdom tooth

What is the procedure of wisdom tooth removal? 

The dentist will first identify the need for the removal of the wisdom tooth. He will then locate and visualize it completely. It is very important for the dentist to have a proper vision and visual light with a clear field.

A local anesthesia is administered surrounding the wisdom tooth to prevent the patient from feeling the pain while extracting. The pain sensations will be only blocked if the dentist correctly administers the local anesthesia. The entire treatment depends upon the administration of the local anesthesia. The patient will only comply if he or she will not feel any pain while the extraction procedure is going on. Only the best dentist for wisdom tooth extraction knows the proper way of injecting local anesthesia. 

The dentist will then use the extraction techniques and knowledge to luxate and eventually pull out the tooth. 

Once the wisdom tooth is extracted the socket is pressed to prevent extra blood from oozing out. It is then cleared with normal saline and cotton. 

Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

The pain and the entire treatment depends upon the injection of the local anesthesia. If the dentist correctly administers the local anesthesia then it is very less likely that the patient will feel any pain. Also if the dentist uses gentle forces while removing the wisdom tooth then the patient will be pain free and there will be no risk of injuries to the bone and the jaw. Our clinic is well saturated with the best dentist for wisdom tooth removal. 

What are the after care instructions followed by a wisdom tooth removal? 

 Remove the soaked cotton exactly after an hour followed by the extraction. 

  • After the extraction is done and you have removed the cotton, take pain killers immediately. 
  • Do not suck from a straw after extraction on the same day. 
  • It is strictly prohibited to spit or blow as it will dislodge your clot that is to be formed in the extraction site. 
  • Reference from eating a hard diet and it is better to take liquids that are cold
  • In case of surgical extraction get your stitches removed after one week. 

What is the cost of wisdom tooth removal in Dubai? 

Wisdom tooth removal cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is based on the severity and the type of the wisdom tooth. The dentist will decide whether it will be removed surgically or through a normal extraction method. 

The final verdict:

Wisdom teeth are probably a non functional tooth within the oral cavity. You should never leave it decayed or infected because it can be transmitted to the neighboring tooth also. You can book an appointment with the dental consultant for the wisdom tooth removal cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.