Emax dental crowns dental veneers for 1399 AED

Are you tired of the discolored teeth you have been carrying for a long time? Do you want something that can instantly brighten and white in your teeth without having to go for pricy and lengthy treatments? 

We have a solution for you. Our clinic is offering dental veneer treatment at very reasonable prices and we are sure that you will be very delighted with the end results and will definitely recommend it to the others also. Before you step up for the treatment let’s dive into the details about the dental veneers and their benefits. 

What Are Dental Veneers? 

Dental veneers are plastic like coatings that are placed above the surface of the teeth. They are made of composite or either porcelain. The ideal goal of veneers is to whiten up the discolored teeth and fill up the spaces in between the teeth. Ever since they have emerged they have combined aesthetic as well as general dentistry into one and their remarkable benefits have taken dentistry to a very next level. 

Following are the types of dental venues used in our clinic: 

Types of dental veneers 

  • Composite dental veneers 
  • E- max dental veneers 
  • porcelain dental veneers 

How Is The Procedure Of Dental Veneers Done? 

The dental veneers procedure is not lengthy unlike the other teeth whitening treatments and treatments that treat spacing. It is done in the office and does not require any prior booking. 

Here is how the procedure is carried out: 


The dentist will examine the entire oral cavity and will rule out any diseases or cavities that are to be removed priorm to the application of dental venues. 

Scaling and Polishing

Not all dentists recommend scaling and polishing before placing dental veneers however it is advisable that cleaning the teeth thoroughly and removing plaque from their surfaces is the best method to achieve perfect results after the placement of dental veneers. 

Crown Preparation 

In order for the placement of Veneers dentist will prepare the crown by cutting the sides or edges to make them fine and viable for the dental veneer placement. The preparation is done using a high speed handpiece and burs. 

Placement of Veneers 

Once the crown preparation is completed the veneers are gently placed pressing over each tooth and adjusting using some fine brush like tools. The dentist ensures that no area is left uncovered by the veneers. 


After the placement of Veneers the final fixation is done by curing. Curing is a method that uses the plasma light to harden the veneers, especially the composite veneers so that they can perfectly bond with the teeth. 

What Are The Benefits of Dental Veneers? 

  • They hide all the imperfections of the teeth
  • Fill up the spaces
  • Reflect back the glossiness of the teeth 
  • Instantly whiten up the discolored teeth 

What Is The Cost Of E-max Dental Crowns? 

Generally E- max dental veneers are considered as the most expensive dental veneers everywhere. However our clinic is offering E-max dental veneers for as low as 1399 AED which is impossible to find anywhere else.

How To Maintain The E- max Dental Veneers? 

If you want your dental veneers to have a longer shelf life then it is in your own hands. You have to care for them thoroughly. 

  • Avoid beverages that have added colors 
  • Try to eat temperature controlled meals. ( neither too cold nor too hot) this is to prevent sensitivity. 
  • Take regular scaling appointments to prevent plaque stagnation 
  • Avoid brushing your teeth vigorously. 

The Final Verdict!

The best is the one who cares for their teeth just like their skin.