E-max veneers cost in Dubai

Latest prices for E-max veneers 2021!

Disappointed by the appearance of your teeth? Try E-Max veneers! They are thin, like false nails, that is, when attached to a tooth, completely hide all the imperfections, as if nothing bad had happened to the teeth. Their color, size, and adjustment are made intact, so no one can think that you are wearing an artificial denture. Among all types of veneers, E-max is modern and one of the best cutting-edge technologies. Its high demand upturns the cost inquires. Please read this short guide on E-max veneers cost in Dubai to get your all prices concerns resolved.

What are E-max Veneers?

E-max veneers are referred to as smile makeovers. They cover all the aesthetic problems of the teeth, hiding them behind a thin shell. Veneers are a great option for treating gaps, discoloration, and irregular teeth. Dubai is renowned for offering the best E-max veneers due to its low prices and popularity. However, still veneers are considered expensive due to their durability, convenience, and ability to blend in with your natural teeth.

What is the Cost of E-max Veneers?

Compared to Lumineers, e-max veneers are a bit pricey, but the cost spent surely pays off as beautiful results speak for themselves. E-max veneers cost in Dubai ranges from AED 1700 to AED 5000, and last 8-10 years. Since this requires two to three visits and extensive dental work, final prices are only quoted after consultation.

Therefore, regardless of whether veneers are porcelain, or made of any other brand, prices depend on the specific case. The color of your beneath teeth and the presence of problems can affect the total charges. However, if e-max veneers for some reason do not fit your budget or perhaps this idea scares you, you can choose an alternative such as dental crowns or bonding.

What’s More About E-max Veneers Cost?

The cost of any dental veneer, be it e-max, porcelain, or any other, depends on several important factors. First, the number of veneers you place on your teeth. Second is the experience and skills of the dental technician, and the last thing that sums up the actual cost is the location of the clinic in which you are considering this dental treatment.

Here are a few more factors influencing the calculation of the cost of E-max veneers.

  • Follow-up sessions
  • Extra-care in addition (if required)
  • Complications

Do You Know?

Dynamic Clinic offers affordable E-max veneers in the UAE for your perfect smile. 

We are always upfront and open about the prices as we can be. After the initial consultation, you will be informed of the final cost of E-max veneers. Along with this, extensive discount offers and interest-free financing. Please let our team know your further cost inquires for better assistance.

The Bottom Line!

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