Double Eyelid Reduction In Dubai

Sometimes, extra visible folds form on the upper Eyelids of the person that ultimately causes double or triple eyelids. Anyway, this condition generally occurs due to loss of elasticity, soft tissue thinning, and reduction of fat. So, you can lower your risk for this disorder by embracing healthy lifestyle changes including:

  1. Increasing water intake
  2. Limiting alcohol consumption and smoking
  3. Getting quality, peaceful sleep at night
  4. Avoiding sun exposure

If your symptoms are severe, or you are tired of struggling, you should go to the Cosmetic Surgery clinic near you.

Treat Double Eyelid Early:

As a matter of fact, extra eye folds don’t go away on their own. They require treatment to subside. It’s best to contact a trained, experienced and qualified surgeon for it. He will give you the very best care of course.

The most effective approach, however, may be to treat it when it first develops. Here are three scientifically-proven reasons you should try the early treatment.

  • Enjoy Immediate Results:

Each and every cosmetic treatment takes time regardless of whether you are considering a surgical or non-surgical option. That said, it does take less time to see the results of surgeries than non-invasive procedures that do not involve tools, like a scalpel to break the skin.

  • Preventing Uneven Eyelids:

Facial asymmetry, particularly uneven eyelids, is very likely to occur if you have double eyelids. However, treating double eyelids early can prevent this. In general, the heavier the double eyelids are, the more likely it is to encounter facial asymmetry. Besides, fixing this problem early may also prevent vision problems. In short, the treatment will enhance the eyes, overall facial features, and vision (to some extent).

  • Lessen the Likelihood you’ll need a highly Invasive Surgery:

When the droop becomes more severe, surgery is needed to combat the problem. Cosmetic eye surgeries have more possible complications and require extensive care by the doctor and the patient. That also means longer and more difficult recovery timelines of course.

Best non-surgical strategies for double eyelids include:

  1. Eyelid tapes and glues
  2. Non-incisional double eyelid surgery

Double Eyelid Reduction in Dubai:

Cosmetic surgeries are on the rise. The past few decades have witnessed the widespread successful application of aesthetic procedures for improving physical traits. Anyway, when it comes to double or triple eyelids, getting Blepharoplasty maybe your best option to get rid of extra creases of your upper eyelids. In this surgery, the doctor removes extra skin and lifts drooping skin around the eyes with the help of a scalpel. It can be done as a standalone procedure or with other facial surgeries.


Before the procedure, it is vital to discuss your beauty goals and desired results with the doctor so that he can tailor a wonderful treatment plan for you. You’ll also need to make a few changes in your life for at least a month or two before having this surgery in order to get the best possible results. Further details on pre and post-operative instructions will be given to you when the treatment plan is finalized.


It may take two to three weeks to recover from Double Eyelid Reduction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah because swelling and bruising require time to subside completely. Plus, we know that fuller results of any cosmetic surgery don’t show up until all the side-effects are gone.

In general, patients see final results in about a month but this wait is definitely worth it. The results are natural-looking and last forever. 

The Takeaway:

You are a good candidate for Double Eyelid Reduction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah if you are looking for a strategy to transform your eyes forever. It reverses aging effects, plus, reduces bags under the eyes permanently. Book your appointment at Dynamic Clinic ASAP.