Does Lipedema Come Back After Liposuction in Dubai Dynamic Clinic

Lipedema? – The most severe Fat Disorder! 

It mostly occurs on the legs, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms. While Liposuction in Dubai has proven to treat this condition of fat but people still fear reoccurring such fats even after surgery. If you also suffer from lipedema and considering liposuction and the only problem that hits you hard is whether lipedema will go with liposuction or not, read this blog. To take you out from this dilemma of, Does Lipedema Come Back After Liposuction in Dubai? This post can surely help. Continue reading.

The Procedure of Liposuction for Lipedema Patients:

Curing lipedema is extremely rare but difficult. Our surgeons propose a unique liposuction technique for lipedema patients to remove the excess fat in order to decrease the fat volume and ease the symptoms and discomfort that come with these conditions.

Water-assisted Liposuction is mostly preferred for lipedema patients. It embraces a small incision to insert the cannula. Instead of using laser energy, a pressurized stream of saline solution is left inside the problematic area. This allows gentle removal of fat cells.

Note, this surgery is painless due to anesthesia. 

Is There Any Chance of Lipedema Even After Liposuction?

Even though there is some swelling after liposuction which cannot be considered as fat. The puffiness can last up to a few weeks until you are fully recovered. Remember, the growth of fat tissue after liposuction is only possible if surgery is not done properly. An inexpert surgeon could take you towards diseased fat which is the rarest case.

Generally, Liposuction results in a flat-body appearance. However, in lipedema patients, there is the potential to return fat but under only some circumstances. Firstly, if the procedure isn’t done as correctly as it used to be and secondly if you eat foolishly. So carefully decide the surgeon and take a healthy diet.

Does fat really come back after liposuction Dubai? – As stated earlier, this is a rare condition but doesn’t consider pointless.

Can Liposuction Be Performed on Three or Four Lipedema?

Yes. Patients even with severe stages of lipedema can have liposuction. Though, those patients need special care before or after the surgery because sometimes they can’t enough with one session. It’s quite important to maintain the specific gap between two surgeries. Discuss with your doctor.

Remember to have a detailed consultation with our surgeons to find how this surgery can benefit you.

Who is not a Candidate?

While consultation is the best way to candidacy. However, people with serious health issues such as blood flow, diabetes, or a weak immune system must avoid liposuction without any proper guidance. Although, discuss the supplements you take daily.


The stage of fat plays the main role in associated complications. For stage one patients there is no pain reported even in the initial days. They would sense lighter weight and can easily move the treated area without any difficulty. Even though if you are so close to recovery, post-care is extremely important. Follow every single guideline of your doctor.

In Conclusion:

So suspecting ladies don’t need to worry more. Liposuction can deliver you a sexily shaped body without any lipedema in the coming years. Though, choose your doctor carefully. Consider this surgery from most experienced surgeons or prefer us. Collectively we performed 10,000+ liposuction surgeries deprived of any complication.

I hope you find this blog beneficial in finding, Does Lipedema Come Back After Liposuction in Dubai? Still, if there is any query reach directly to our specialists.