Acne treatments in Dubai

A healthy skin free of acne or acne scars can be a dream for many because most of us have acne-prone skin. Does that mean we have to suffer acne and acne marks forever? Absolutely not! If your acne-ridden skin makes you feel insecure, you can undergo laser acne treatment. This brings us to the question; will it permanently eradicate all chances of the prevalence of acne? This we have to explore.

Dynamic Clinic offers acne treatments in Dubai

Is Laser Acne Removal Permanent?

Laser acne and acne scar removal are not permanent; however, it is the most long-lasting treatment available for acne. In this procedure, the upper layer of the skin is resurfaced. However, healthy skin can once again turn unhealthy after a while if you do not take good care of it. Therefore, it is important to understand that the longevity of this procedure depends on various factors. No two people under different circumstances will see the same results. Having said this, acne laser treatment can treat acne and acne scars really efficiently.

The Type of Skin:

Some people have skin that can maintain the results for a pretty long time, while others may not be able to do so. The acne, especially breakouts, may reoccur but this does not mean that laser treatment is not efficient for the skin.

Type of Acne:

The type of acne also determines the results. So, the results can vary according to it. Consult your dermatologist so that they inform you about the exact consequences of this procedure depending upon the said factors.

Area of Treatment:

The results may be different if you are treating back acne vs when you are undergoing this procedure for your face. It is essential to keep in mind that in some areas of the body, the results may last longer than the others.

Your Skincare Routine:

If you are careless when it comes to your skin, the results are likely to fade away. You need to understand that in order to maintain the results, you will have to be more attentive to your skin. This is done so that the chances of bacteria or debris accumulation are reduced. This makes your skin remain healthy for a long time.


Poor nutrition can make your skin prone to different skin conditions. Therefore, eating right will eventually help your skin. The most important thing is to stay hydrated. So, drink lots and lots of water.

Is It Painful?

Pain is a big word for the sensation that arises during the procedure. You may feel slight discomfort when it comes to laser treatments of any kind. However, it is not normal to feel extreme pain. Therefore, inform your doctor readily if the procedure is making you extremely uncomfortable. Overall, laser acne removal is NOT a painful procedure. Some side effects of this treatment include slight redness or swelling which subside within a short while.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate?

  •         People for whom over-the-counter acne treatments have not worked
  •         Individuals with persistent acne
  •         Individuals who do not have very oily skin
  •         People with non-saggy skin
  •         People with no deep wrinkles
  •         People with lighter skin tones

It is vital to choose a dermatologist who is experienced enough to perform this procedure. Laser resurfacing can be otherwise a dangerous treatment. Therefore, the importance of choosing the right dermatologist is extremely important.

Cost Of Laser Acne Removal Treatment:

At our clinic, the price of laser acne scar removal treatment starts from AED 500. However, Acne laser treatment costs in Dubai keep varying according to the clinics and practitioners you opt for. It is not fixed everywhere. It is, therefore, essential to consult your doctor who will determine the number of sessions your skin requires and then they can inform you about the overall cost.

Why Choose Us!

Your safety is our priority!

We are aware of the hazards that less qualified doctors/dermatologists pose which is why all the dermatologists at our clinic are board-certified. We ensure that you get the best treatment of acne laser treatment in Dubai at an affordable price. Dynamic Clinic also offers a free initial consultation to its clients. So, wait no more! Contact us now to get in touch with experienced professionals.