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Acne Conglobata is a severe skin condition that is affecting a lot of people nowadays. The skin condition tends to occur when cysts caused by acne, as well as nodules start to grow together in the deepest layer of the skin. The condition can be detected mostly on the face, chest, and back, and can often at times lead to the most intense kind of disfigured scarring.

Another crucial reason, why many people experience it, is because they are so busy with their daily routine and working towards achieving the goals that they tend to ignore or not realize the smallest skin irregularities that they might develop, which turn into an even bigger issue over time. Some of the times, when people do notice that they have pimples or acne scars that are not widely normal in other people, they indulge in solutions that are readily available in the market, such as masks, creams, and lotions. However, all these solutions contain significant amounts of artificial chemicals, that are built to work for only a short time and may consist of certain kinds of side effects as well. For example, they can cause the skin to irritate or go red.

Luckily, there are several treatments to solve acne conglobata, that are effective, and they also help a person save lots of money as well as time.

Find out more information about Acne treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi work, and how much it costs through this informative article.

How Do You Identify The Condition?

 The main trait of identification for the skin condition is through nodules that consist of cyst-like characteristics. When the bacteria get clogged deeply into the pores, acne nodules tend to develop which ultimately cause plugs that are hardened due to the nodules.

Due to such a condition being formed in one particular area of the skin, the surrounding skin can also get affected. This effect is indicated when the surrounding skin becomes red and swollen. For such an intense skin condition, it is unlikely that treatments or medications that are available over the counter would work.

Another major indicator of the problem is bumping that is formed on the surface of the skin. However, such bumps do not necessarily have a lining of tissue, unlike regular cyst bumps and the nodules are more than one in number, that connect.

What Are The Treatments Available For The Skin Condition?

There are several treatments available to solve the intense skin issue effectively and grant people’s wish for perfect-looking and clear skin. Some of the most prominent solutions include,

The Laser Treatment:

This acne conglobata treatment is known to be highly effective in giving people their desired results. The dermatologist or doctor uses a laser device, that is customized according to the intensity of the scars, and then the laser beams are directed toward the areas of the skin that require the treatment. The heat from the laser beams helps break down the acne cells in the targeted areas, which in turn allows new skin cells to grow and take their place. Therefore, the natural healing system of the skin is then encouraged due to the treatment helping it to rejuvenate and eradicate the acne conglobata present on the skin.

How Much Does The Laser Treatment Cost?

Acne laser treatment Cost in Dubai depends on several factors such as the expertise of the doctor, the condition of the skin, the specific requirements of the patient, and the area where the clinic is located at. Typically, the price ranges from AED 400 to AED 1,200 per session, but if the condition of the skin is severe, the price for the treatment might increase.

Other popular treatments available to solve the intense condition include remedies, such as skin grafting or excision techniques, oral medications by well-known brands, and topical treatments.

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