hair loss after chemo


Chemotherapies often lead to complete baldness in a patient. The chemo sessions are more damaging for a person aesthetically than physically. The systemic problems caused in a candidate’s body can be cured by other medicines however the baldness and skin problems arising after a chemo session are deemed unavoidable. Only a prompt and effective treatment is to be done to reverse the consequences. Our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is offering hair transplants for one dirham in Dubai, especially for cancer survivors.

Why does hair fall after chemotherapy?

After chemotherapy hair, fall becomes very common, after chemotherapy or for cancer survivors because the disease makes their hair follicles extremely brittle. On the other hand, the brittleness is so severe that the follicle does not receive the required nourishment and as a result, the hair tends to fall. In patients with greater stage and extent of cancer, complete baldness is seen.

What is the best method of hair restoration after chemotherapy?

The best method for her restoration after chemotherapy is a hair transplant. Some people prefer synthetic wigs but the hassle of removing and replacing often makes it a poor treatment of choice.

Does hair transplant work after chemotherapy?

According to dermatologists and hair specialists, it is suggested that hair transplant therapy is one of the successful methods for regaining the long-lost back. However, it is also dependent on the type of hair transplant treatment used. The best hair transplantation methods used in Dubai are  PRP and FUE.

The reason why hair transplantation works after chemotherapy is that treatment methods such as PRP & FUE are completely safe, secure, and free of side effects. Minor side effects may be possible but the long term effects outnumber them.

How long does it take for hair to grow back after hair transplant?

The growth of the hair after a hair transplant depends on the kind of treatment. In both cases, it depends on the recipient’s activity and in response to the treatment. normally it takes about one month to three months for hair to completely grow and cover the scalp. However proper aftercare can also facilitate the rate of growth and thickness of the hair.  

How long does it take for hair to grow back after chemotherapy?

For patients with chemotherapy, the time range may be varied to a longer period of more than 3 months because the patient is already very weak and the treatment would take longer for nearly 3- 6 months to show completely effective results.   

How is the process of PRP & FUE done for hair transplant in patients after chemotherapy?


The blood is drawn from the candidate’s body and is sent for centrifuging. The blood  with the plasma which is collected is supposed to be rich in platelets and is then injected into the scalp of the patient at different sites. Within a few days, it is expected to see tiny hair follicles start producing her covering up the hairline and within a few months the entire scalp will be covered with thicker and fuller hair.


Different hair follicles are extracted from the different sites of the body. These extracted follicles are injected into the scalp again at the targeted areas. A few weeks to months later new hair will start growing at the follicle implanted site.

What are the long term side effects after a hair transplant treatment?

  • Infection.
  • Scarring at the site of transplant.
  • Ingrown hair at the site of follicle.
  • Pain.

The bottom line!

It is very legit for cancer survivors to urge for getting their lost hair back. Only a hair transplant can work for them. You visit our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic to see the hair transplant before and after results. We strive to provide feasible and easily accessible treatment especially for cancer survivors because we believe that coming back to life is a blessing and bringing it up with beauty is a bonus.