Do Metal Braces Damage Teeth - Damaged Teeth After Braces

Dental braces are one of the best methods to straighten up your teeth and acquire a perfect smile. Among all the dental braces, metal braces are the one that demand maintenance and proper oral hygiene to prevent them from damaging the teeth. The first and foremost thing your dentist will advise you while giving metal braces is that you should look after them and clean them whenever you eat something. Negligence and ignorance will end up damaging your teeth. You can find the best dental braces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in our Dynamic Clinic. Know that the entire treatment is done by a team of specialized orthodontists. 

What Are Dental Braces? 

Dental braces are appliances that are placed on the surface of the teeth for the correction of malocclusion and to straighten the teeth, to align them properly  and fill up the spaces between the teeth.  It is a very lengthy procedure but the end results are worth the wait and totally change the  profile of a person by transforming it beautifully. 

What Are The Conditions That Require Dental Braces? 

Following are the conditions that validate the orthodontic treatment: 

  • Irregular and malaligned teeth 
  •  tilted, crooked, twisted teeth
  •  extra spacings between the teeth  
  • any embedded or impacted tooth 
  • Teeth that are not within the arch

How Is The Procedure For Metal Braces Done? 

The placement of Metal braces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a very complex procedure and a highly experienced dentist is required for its performance. The procedure includes: 

History Taking An Examination

The Dentist will look for the cavities and abnormalities within the oral cavity and will thoroughly examine it.  Based on the clinical appearance the dentist can decide how the placement of metal braces will be.


A complete full mouth X-ray (OPG) and also Cephalogram is taken for the treatment planning. The entire treatment depends upon the anatomy of the oral cavity that is illustrated within the X-ray and Cephalogram. 

Impression and Dimension Record

 The dentist technician will use an alginate impression material to take the impression of your oral cavity so that it can be used as a study model for the dentist.

Treatment Planning

This is the major step in the placement of metal braces. During this procedure the dentist will decide which tooth will be required to move in which direction and how the placement will be. 


Once the impression is recorded and treatment planning is completed the dentist will then call you up for the placement of the metal braces. In some cases the dentist will assign you an appointment for scaling and polishing so that the surface of your teeth will be free of plaque and dirt. After this the surface of the teeth are cleansed enough and the metallic bonding agent is applied onto the surface of the teeth such as GIC. The metal brackets are gently pressed over the teeth starting from the corner most and then moving towards the center.

Wire Upgrade

Once the metal Brackets are placed onto the surface of the teeth, a stainless steel wire is then run from the corner bracket of one side till the corner of the other side. A rubber O ring is placed over each single bracket to tighten up the wire and keep it in a fixed position. Within every visit this wire will be upgraded based on the progress of the treatment. 

Can Metal Braces Damage Teeth? 

According to the dentist you need to take good care when you have metal braces on.  You have to properly floss them and remove any debris or food that has impacted around the surfaces of metal brackets. When metal braces are debonded The surface of the teeth can become chapped and dry. The dentist will even out the surface and polish it thoroughly. 

What Is The Cost of Metal Braces In Dubai? 

The cost of metal braces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi roughly starts from AED 4000 to AED 10,000. The cost may vary as it depends upon the condition of the patient and other clinical treatments. It is best told by the dentist only who knows how complex and lengthy the procedure of the patient might be.

Final verdict 

For those who are concerned with the fact that can metal braces damage the teeth then know that our clinic is successfully providing outstanding metal braces in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a very long time and we haven’t received any complaint related to teeth damage from our patients yet.