Lingual braces in dubai

For patients who are concerned with the appearance of braces on the exterior, we have good news for you. We now offer a new and improved method of braces that works exactly like the traditional braces and is not even visible. The lingual Braces are the new technique that has marked its excellency in the world of dentistry. It is different from the traditional braces but the outcomes are exactly the same. We offer the best Lingual Braces in Dubai and by far all our patients are well satisfied with their treatment and the end results.

What are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are appliances used for orthodontic purposes. They are placed on the inner surface of the teeth. Unlike conventional braces, they are not placed on the exterior surface of the teeth. Lingual Braces in Dubai are making a very big name in the area of dentistry. Their functions are improved and yet very accomplished.

How Do We Place Lingual Braces?

The steps followed in our clinic are:

Initial Consultation:

When we come across with a patient with the concerns of their appearance our prime is to educate the patient about the entire treatment along with the outcomes.your dentist will seat you and will examine your oral cavity. he/she will address the orthodontic problems such as crooked tooth, misplaced, tilted, rotated, protruded and retruded tooth etc.


This is the most important step for the application of  lingual braces in Dubai. You will be asked to get an X-ray done of your complete mouth. This will elaborate any underlying problem within your jaw. It will also help in the evaluation of the treatment’s progress.

Impression and Size Record:

You cannot always stay with the dentist . for your and the ease of the dentist you will be asked to give an impression.  It will record the size of your jaw, the bone, the associated structures and the teeth of course.

Fabrication Of The Dental Appliance:

After studying the impression your dentist will arrange all the appliances necessary for the application of lingual braces. Wires, brackets, the material for bonding etc.


The patient is called over for the placement of braces. The dentist places the brackets on each tooth starting from the centered tooth to the farthest tooth. Brackets are cured and fixed using plasma light. A wire is then placed over the brackets.

Follow Ups:

You will be told to visit the clinic every few weeks for tightening the wire. Never miss follow ups of an orthodontic treatment. This is because your entire treatment progress, and status depends on the floolwyups. It makes the dentist decide about the next step on every followup.

Is It Difficult To Eat With Lingual Braces?

It depends on the patient how fast and quick he/she adapts or gets used to with the braces. It is not very hard to eat with the lingual braces in Dubai. Initially you will feel some sort of discomfort and uneasiness to your tongue. However, within a few weeks you will get used to it and lingual braces will not hinder eating.

How Much Do Lingual Braces Cost?

The lingual braces cost in Dubai is kept very affordable so that everyone can get their hands on them. They cost around 8000 AED – 15000 AED in Dynamic clinic.

The After Cares:

  • Try to eat food that requires less biting forces
  • Do not exert more pressure will chewing
  • Never miss follow ups
  • Try to  maintain good oral hygiene to prevent bacteria

The Final Verdict!

Choose the Enfield Royal clinic if you want to treat yourself with a perfect smile with the Best lingual braces in Dubai. Our vision is to satisfy each and every patient without complaints.