Do Lingual Braces Take Longer in Dubai

What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces offer a unique design; these are attached to the inside of the teeth. This invention revolutionized the way braces were perceived by customers. The traditional understanding of braces was of these unpleasant-looking devices attached to teeth that only negatively impacted the appearance. The concept of bulky and unattractive braces is history; now lingual braces are absolutely invisible to the eyes of the people you interact with.

Distinctive Characteristics Of Lingual Braces:

Ligature and self-ligating:

Lingual braces are ligature and self-ligating. In the former case, the orthodontic arch is fixed to the braces using special rubber ligatures. In the latter case, the arch is attached using a special locking mechanism on the surface of the bracket, which strongly holds it in the bracket channel.

Ligature and self-ligating systems have their own specific attributes in the treatment of different issues. The Orthodontist chooses the type of system, focusing on the issue that needs to be fixed.

Complete invisibility:

The distinct feature of complete invisibility was not available to those wishing to correct the alignment of their teeth before the invention of lingual braces. This provided lingual braces with immense popularity. This is an ideal solution for people in public professions who want to correct the imperfections in the alignment of the teeth, but do not want to draw undue attention.

Psychological Impact:

This type of system will help adolescents to get rid of the psychological discomfort that traditional braces can cause. Lingual braces are not visible, but they will provide their wearer with a flawless Smile Makeover.

Manufacturing Material:

As for the material of braces, lingual braces are made of metal alloys like steel, iron, chromium, titanium. Lingual braces are not made of more expensive materials like ceramics in contrast to vestibular models for which aesthetics are important.

Why Get Lingual Braces?

Let’s highlight the main advantages of lingual braces and see why you might want to opt for them:

Braces will be completely invisible. In order to find out whether someone has braces, you need to be either a dentist or directly learn this from the person having them.

The inner surface of the teeth is more resistant to caries or tooth decay; in a patient with lingual braces. Signs of poor hygiene are not as noticeable.

Do Lingual Braces Take Longer To Work?

Lingual braces are completely invisible, and no one can find out if you have braces or not unless you tell them yourself. Isn’t it a dream? But is everything absolutely perfect or are there certain disadvantages to wearing these orthodontic devices that counterweight their special qualities? Do lingual braces take longer in Dubai.

Duration of visits to the orthodontist:

You will spend more time in your orthodontist’s chair. Replacing the archwire, as well as fixing the bracket, takes 2-3 times longer than those who do not opt for lingual braces in Dubai. Often at the last stages of your treatment, the doctor makes special bends in the arch, so that the position of each tooth pleases the patient.

That is, the total amount of time meaning the number of visits and considering their duration as well, the time that you will spend in the clinic in the course of the entire treatment, according to a general estimate, will be 2.5 to 3 times more than the time someone else opting for the traditional braces would spend.

Adaptation Time:

Another thing that may differ from traditional braces is the adaptation process. The patient may need some time to get used to speaking normally. The time required is different for each patient; however, on average it may take about 3 to 4 weeks. This answers the question Do lingual braces take longer in Dubai.