Difference between the O-shot and G-shot in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

To begin with, O-shot and G-shot are two different medical procedures followed in gynecology. Their aim is designed to improve and enhance sexual pleasure and target the areas responsible for it. It is one of the primary concerns of all women and is now one of the leading treatments in Dubai. While both treatments have the same goals, they can have some prime differences in terms of their duration, effectiveness, and a lot more. This guide will delve into the prime differences between O-shot and G-shot in Dubai.

O-shot and G-shot Treatments Explained:

If you want to understand how O-shot and G-shot differences exist, you need to first have a sound understanding of both of them. These treatments are responsible for intense pleasure and enhancement while intercourse and are directly driven into a woman’s vagina.

Both treatments are available in injectable form, an O-shot consists of PRP, an innovative yet organic material, whereas, a G-shot consists of hyaluronic acid which is a synthesized product.


The Difference between the O-shot and G-shot:

Let us now explore the central idea of this guide: the difference between O-shot and G-shot treatment:

Target Areas:

 The O-shot treatment is primarily fabricated to improve the intense pleasure, sensitivity, and orgasm intensity in women and the focused area is the clitoral region in the Vagina. 

On the other hand, the G-spot targets the vaginal canal by amplifying and increasing the entire sensitivity.

Differences in Procedure and Substance Injected:

If we consider O-shot and G-shot in Dubai & Abu Dhabi it involves the use of platelet which is extracted from the donor’s body and is then injected into the vagina and the clitoral tissues. The PRP has certain growth factors that are responsible for tissue turnover and improve blood circulation in the target areas. 

 Whereas the G shot consists of a hyaluronic acid that is directly inserted into the Grafenberg spot.  The filler aims to improve the volume and enlarge the size of the tissues making them prominent yet sensitive.

Longevity and Effect:

 According to medical specialists, O-shot is a more refined technique and utilizes cutting-edge technology therefore it has more effectiveness than G-shot treatment. 

Indications and Uses:

An O-shot primarily has the following uses: Improves blood flow, increases sensitivity, enhances sexual pleasure, and improves color and texture.

 A G-shot functions to improve the size, rejuvenate the structure, promote intense pleasure, and bring about adequate sensitivity.

Risks and safety:

 As far as the risk and safety are concerned, an O-shot is preferably safer than a G-shot because the substance used is completely organic and natural. PRP has no risk or side effects as such.

G shot is also safer but there are some concerns reported with the use of hyaluronic acid, as it does cause some irritation and the increased size of the walls of the vagina may at times bring about discomfort in some females. 

Pricing and Access:

 Both the techniques O-shot and G-shot Treatment are similar in cost and availability. Our Dynamic Clinic Dubai gives easy access to these treatments because we are concerned about the longevity and pleasure of your intimate life.  The prices may vary from AED 800 to AED 1000.

What are the Results of O-shot and G-shot?

Let us now look at the results that are expected after vaginal shots:

  • Increased pleasure during intercourse.
  •  Better sensitivity upon arousal.
  •  Improves the lubrication.
  •  Helps with problems related to urinary incontinence.
  • Improves the overall structure of the vagina and adds youthfulness.
  •  Prevents premature aging of the vaginal walls.

Best Place to get an O-shot and G- Shot Treatment:

If you are looking for a perfect place for an O-shot and G-shot Treatment then our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic can be your one-stop solution. 

 We offer both treatments at the most affordable prices and the treatments are performed by certified and professionally trained specialists. The prime reason why you should choose us is because we observe proper privacy protocols and keep your concerns confidential.

The Final Verdict 

 If you are seeking an intimate love life that is successful in the long run then book your appointments for an O-shot and G-shot Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.  We cater to thousands of patients every day therefore book your slot before it fills out completely!