P-Shot Treatment For Men in Dubai

The  P-shot treatment in Dubai is a non-invasive procedure and is completely pain-free. The procedure involves extracting the plasma in your blood and injecting it into the male genitalia. This stimulates growth in the penile muscles and helps the patient to have an erection.

P-Shot has been used to treat a number of sexual problems in men such as erectile dysfunction and lichen sclerosis. You can also get this treatment to enhance the size of your genitalia and improve its overall performance too.

Procedure Steps:

This treatment is quick and has no downtime. This means that you will be given the shot and will be able to go home in an hour. Here’s a short overview of how the procedure for  P-Shots  in Dubai is performed:

  • A numbing agent will be applied to the genitalia to ease the discomfort.
  • The operating doctor will take your blood sample from the arm and send it for extraction.
  • After the platelet-rich plasma is separated via a centrifugal machine, it will be drawn into the syringe.
  • The syringe will be injected into the penile shaft. This procedure will take over 15 minutes due to different injection sites.
  • The treatment ends and the doctor will give a penile pump. This helps draw blood to the genitalia and ensures effective treatment.

How Beneficial are P-Shots?

P-Shots provide different benefits to different individuals. So if you want to get the treatment, you will probably have different benefits than the next person. Some benefits of P-shot Treatment For Men in Dubai are listed below:

  • Enhances the size of the genitalia by 20%.
  • Improves the blood circulation of the penis.
  • Enhanced pleasure sensation.
  • Enhances the erection and makes it last longer.

What Do P-Shots Do?

These injections don’t treat the primary reasons why someone has erectile dysfunction. Instead, they help with stimulating or promoting the body to have a healthy erection. There are a number of physical, psychological, and emotional reasons why a person might have been having these problems.  So instead of eliminating these factors, P-shot Treatment For Men in Dubai will help you with the following:

  • Improved flow of blood in the penile muscles.
  • Rejuvenating the penis tissues and the cell response.
  • Helps you in establishing better neural paths.

In short, this treatment stimulates the sensitivity and neural responses of the penis. This impacts the overall sexual function of the patient in the future.

Can P-Shots Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Most men associate their pride with their genitalia and if they cannot offer their partners satisfaction, they will feel disheartened and depressed. PRP treatments have been known to help individuals with numerous problems such as hair loss, skin restoration, and even intimacy issues including Erectile dysfunction treatment.  PRP for erectile dysfunction is a renowned treatment option and can help the patient have a better sexual life. Although the results do not last forever and maintenance is needed, it is still an excellent option as compared to getting surgery.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

This intimacy disorder is caused by the following factors:

  • Injury to the penis or the spine.
  • Mental problems such as anxiety and shyness.
  • Not being emotionally invested in your partner.
  • Feelings stressed out.
  • Depression and anti-depression medication.
  • Traumatic events in the past.
  • Exhaustion and being overworked.
  • Use of drugs and alcohol.

Each person suffering from Erectile dysfunction has a different issue. So if you want to get PRP shots for your penis, the treatment result will vary from client to client