O shot Procedure and Treatment in Dubai, UAE

O Shot Injections in Dubai can now be availed without any restriction or limitations. this procedure is mostly standard in women who want to live their intimate life to the fullest. In the past, doctors were uncertain about what to offer those women who were suffering from any sort of sexual problems. But with the latest studies, it is now possible to treat all sorts of problems that women face during sexual intercourse.

What is an O-Shot Injection?

O-Shot is a short form for an orgasm shot and it is a non-invasive process that involves injecting the woman’s body with growth. This stimulates the woman’s sex clitoris or her vaginal system to trigger her orgasm system. These injections are injected directly near the clitoris to help the woman live a normal reproductive life. As of now, you can avail these injectables to treat two types of issues; o-shot treatment & G-spot enhancement.

G-Spot Enhancement:

This option only takes around half an hour to perform. This option is also common among men and requires a few tests to perform before the shot is administered. The steps are as follows:

  • The first step will be to examine the G-Spot and to locate it. She will conduct a pelvic exam to do so.
  • After your gynecologist locates the administration site, transfer its location to a specified speculum.
  • To help with the pain, the doctor will inject a minimal anesthesia dose to help with the discomfort.
  • The next step is the derma filler. This filler will be directly injected into the target location.
  • You can leave the doctor after the injection is administered.
  • This leads to intense sexual satisfaction when stimulated.
  • This procedure also tightens the vaginal wall tissue to give you heightened arousal.

O-Shot Treatment:

O shot PRP treatment was originally only used to help patients deal with a leaky bladder. But with the passage of time, this treatment is now being used for sexual enhancement and arousal. This procedure is used to treat a number of sexual disorders in females. These disorders include

  • Having a hard time getting a climax.
  • Difficulty trying to be aroused.
  • Low sexual drive.
  • Also effective to help with painful sexual intercourse.

The most fascinating thing about this treatment is that it is fully natural. The plasma for the PRP treatment is derived directly from the client’s body. This blood has to be clean and free of impurities otherwise it will not work. This treatment method is also used to help trigger the body’s rejuvenation response, helping hair and skin to look fresh and young again.

O shot PRP treatment Procedure:

This procedure is a very short and quick process once the PRP has been prepared The treatment is carried out in the following steps:

  • The plasma for this process is taken from your blood, so first, your blood will be drawn.
  • This blood will be tested for impurities such as alcohol and tobacco.
  • This sample will be centrifuged to retrieve the plasma.
  • After extracting the plasma from the blood, a syringe will be filled with it.
  • This syringe will be directly injected ner the clitoris to ensure maximum effectivity.
  • The syringe can also be injected into the vaginal walls.

It takes only 5 minutes to administer the shots and it is painless once the anesthetic is injected.

What is the Cost of These Injections?

O Shot Injections in Dubai can easily be availed for just 3,800 AED per injection. These injections would need more than one session to complete the treatment. You will only have to spend this amount each time you want to get treated.

Are O-Shots Advantageous?

O-Shot Treatment & G-Spot Enhancement has a lot of advantages other than offering women a full sexual experience. These benefits are:

  • Smoother and younger vaginal and vulva skin.
  • Firmer and tightened opening of the vagina.
  • Orgasms that are stronger and last longer.
  • Easier to get an orgasm more frequently.
  • A rapid increase in reproductive desire.
  • Increase in the ability of the woman to have an orgasm.
  • Reduces pain when having sexual intercourse for those suffering from dyspareunia.
  • Increase in the production of vaginal lubrication.


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