Difference Between Robotic and Manual Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are very popular today. It is the best way to restore natural-looking fuller hair of hair permanently. This surgery is suitable for males and females of all age groups so any individual can go for this option. In the procedure, healthy hair follicles are extracted from the denser area of the scalp and placed on the balding site to improve hair growth in that area. Because a hair transplant is surgical so you can expect to experience a long-recovery period after it.

There have been a lot of advancements made in the use of hair transplant technology. These technological advancements have made it possible to perform them quickly and safely.

A hair transplant can be done in two different ways,

  1. Manual hair transplant.
  2. Robotic hair transplant.

Manual Hair Transplant:

As the name suggests, a manual hair transplant is done with the surgeon’s own hands. You should find highly experienced and trained plastic surgeons for this hair transplant because there is always a risk of human error. It is better than a Robotic hair transplant in Dubai because it provides greater control over the results, and the produced results are better, more impressive, and very natural-looking. Another important benefit is that the surgeon and his team are capable of performing the surgery in the safest way possible. The downside of a manual hair transplant is that it requires a lot of time for the surgeon to complete the procedure.

The ideal candidate for manual hair transplant:

It is an ideal solution for those individuals who want to make small improvements in their scalp but please note that you wouldn’t be able to extract more than 1500 grafts with this method. Generally, it is recommended for those people who want to transplant hair in bald areas without shaving.

Robotic Hair Transplant:

In this hair transplant, instead of a surgeon robots carry out the transplant process. It is the latest advancement in Hair transplant technology. This technique resolves hair loss issues of people in the fastest way possible. It is effective and less painful than traditional hair transplant surgery and the results are more accurate and precise but there is always a risk of unnatural and botched results from this hair restoration technique.

Things you Should know about Robotic Hair Transplant:

Like manual hair transplant, you should find a highly experienced surgeon for this procedure as well because even though the robots perform the extraction process, there should be someone who is continuously monitoring the whole procedure. He has to make sure that the robots are following the right steps and are working properly.

During the procedure, the robotic system scans the scalp in order to determine the area that could act as a donor area for the transplant. From that area, grafts are extracted and then transplanted on the balding site. The recovery is quicker and simpler than a manual hair transplant and in most cases, the patient recovers in 3-4 weeks. Whereas in manual transplants at least 4-5 months are required to properly and fully recover from the surgery.

Hair Transplant Cost:

The cost of your hair transplant will vary depending on the technique used, the geographical location of the clinic, the surgeon’s fee, the number of grafts, desired results, and the skills of the surgeon. Contact our team to find the exact cost.


The results of hair transplants vary from one patient to another. Generally, people with healthy donor areas achieve ideal results from hair transplants so before the treatment you have to make sure that you have a healthy scalp and sufficient donor hair follicles.

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