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On this page, you will discover about Dermapen treatment in Dubai, get to know its preparation and recovery, and find out what type of results can you get with it so keep reading.

Fast Facts:

  • Dermapen is a brand name for the Microneedling device
  • It is an effective way to deal with the imperfections of the skin by stimulation of healthy collagen
  • The process is quite fast therefore it does not wreck the skin in any way
  • When performed by an experienced and trained dermatologist, the treatment is exceptionally safe

What is Dermapen Treatment?

Dermapen treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can be used to correct skin flaws via collagen production. During the procedure, a device named “Dermapen” will be used on the area being treated. A conventional Dermapen consists of 12 tiny needles that create punctures in the skin surface. The punctures induce skin rejuvenation through collagen stimulation and the patient achieves a brighter, younger-looking skin ultimately. It offers dramatic results and involves quick recovery that makes it preferable to other approaches.

What is it For?

There is a number of reasons, you may want to consider Derma pen treatment. Just so you know, it can help you treat, scars, melasma, wrinkles, spots, sun damage, and fine lines.

Should I Get this type of Treatment?

Understand the candidacy criteria before you decide whether Dermapen pen treatment is for you. In general, the following three criteria must be met before having it.

  1. Making sure that your skin is healthy – free from infection, allergies, and serious diseases
  2. Sharing goals, desires, and wishes with your doctor
  3. Setting realistic expectations towards the treatment


Here are five things to do before having a Dermapen treatment in Dubai: Select the most experienced practitioner for the treatment; do not use alcohol-based products for at least a week before; avoid sun exposure; quit smoking; do not wax or shave the affected area.

How does it Work?

A professional dermapen treatment is typically carried out in a dermatologist’s office. During the procedure, small punctures are created under the skin via a special pen-like, handheld device. This process stimulates the production of healthy collagen which in turn results in noticeable skin rejuvenation.

The Good news: The punctures are pretty small; you can barely see them. 

How Much does this Treatment Cost?

This treatment is always considered a cosmetic treatment and insurance hardly covers it. The patient will be paying for the treatment from his/her pocket. However, your initial consultation might be free of cost.

In general, dermapen treatment in Dubai can cost as low as AED 399 or more. The price varies based on the expertise of the provider, the location of the clinic, and the number of sessions required.

What to Expect After the Treatment?

Since this therapy is minimally invasive, it takes lesser time to recover compared with surgical treatments for skin rejuvenation. Most patients fully recover in just 48 hours, experts say.

Remember that, you may experience redness, bruising, and irritation in your skin for some time. These are natural signs that show that your treatment is working. Apply ice packs on the treated area to minimize them. Further details about aftercare will be disclosed in the initial consultation session.

Patients are allowed to go back to work immediately after the procedure if they are comfortable. But it’s important to not forget that while stepping out of the house, wearing sunscreen is essential.

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