Dental Veneers Protection in Dubai

Make veneers last lifetime! Although Veneers aren’t subject to any risk. They are overall strong but are likely to damage. Especially when a person habitually grinds teeth at night. So how to protect veneers? Putting daily brushing flossing aside, your smile may require additional treatments in certain situations.

As per dentists, here is the guide compiled on Dental Veneers Protection in Dubai.

What Can Damage Veneers?

There are a couple of reasons that can make veneers damaged.

  • Incorrect placement
  • Decay behind teeth
  • Bruxism
  • Chewing Hard foods

Mouth Guards To Protect Veneers:

Since it’s been a long reported people grind their teeth at night. Veneers are strong enough to be resisted in most forces but they can crack if you continuously grind your teeth at night. This way, our dentist highly recommends mouth guards.

Night mouthguard acts as a barrier between two sides of teeth. It covers the teeth, prevents their interaction, and further reduces the amount of pressure.

Porcelain Veneers Care Tips:

The chances of veneer damage are less when patients don’t clench their teeth. At this point, the life span of dental veneers is expected long. Still, there are a few tips everyone wearing veneers must consider.

Follow good oral hygiene: You should gently brush and floss Teeth regularly. While there are no restrictions on toothpaste—you can consult directly with dentists to get suitable advice.

Chew hard foods with caution: In most initial days of treatment, you are only allowed to eat soft foods, later on, you can eat hard foods but with some precautionary measures. Put limited pressure and elude excessive biting.

Limit foods causing staining: Even though veneers aren’t subject to any stain, but teeth around veneers can be affected by the rigid spots of coffee and tea. So avoid them.

Use bite guard: As stated above, this guard can help protect your teeth from grinding and therefore contributes to secure veneers.

Above mentioned tips mentioned are approved and most advised by the dentist in terms of making veneers last lifetime.

How Long Usually Veneers Last?

In general, veneers last for around 6-10 years. You can increase the longevity of veneers by following proper aftercare or by wearing a mouthguard. Each time you notice any change in your veneer fitting goes for a dentist visit.


Given at right situations, Veneers are famed as “Smile Modifier”. They are proven excellent for correcting uneven tooth spaces, positions, and shattered shapes and sizes.

With normal, gentle use, veneers are unlikely to chip or crack. But in some cases, they break. You can only prolong the life of veneers with proper care. Whether you had the mouthguard or not, never forget oral care hygiene. It’s the only secret tip that can protect your veneers and so upcoming costly dental procedures. As long as patients care for veneers, underlying teeth won’t be at higher risk.

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