What Happens to your Teeth Under Composite Veneers

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Suffering from tooth cavities? Have crooked and misaligned teeth? Feel ashamed because of your tooth? Are you thinking of giving your smile a makeover with composite Veneers in Dubai? Porcelain veneers are a great alternative for smile makeovers because they are sturdy, long-lasting, and, with appropriate maintenance, may last many years. They can also help repair both physical and cosmetic concerns with your natural teeth.

What are Composite Veneers?

They are constructed of light-polymer components. They can fix cosmetic flaws in smiles and are reasonably priced. They are put directly to the outside edge of the teeth in layers, unlike ceramic. They can swiftly and drastically fix cosmetic dental flaws. They make the interdental gaps, color, and contour corrections. The dentist only has to make one appointment to create and install them.

What Happens to your Teeth Under Composite Veneers?

  • If you maintain your veneers, which is simple to do, nothing will happen to your teeth. Despite this, damage can still happen if veneers aren’t put in correctly or if you don’t practice good oral hygiene. Nothing negative occurs to the tooth or teeth that are at the root of the issue. The nerves and roots are never harmed since a dentist only has to remove a little piece of enamel while following the procedure of Veneers in Dubai. The person’s natural teeth are still there after the veneers are put in. The new veneers simply rest on top of the natural teeth.
  • Moreover, cavities can develop behind veneers, but only if you don’t properly clean and floss your teeth.
  • By separating teeth from their surroundings, veneers give an extra layer of defense, but decay can still develop beneath and around them. 
  • If your dentist failed to properly bind the veneers in the first place, bacteria may potentially develop and spread. Please make an appointment with a trustworthy dentist who has lots of expertise in placing veneers.

Ideal Nominees:

If a patient has any of the following, they should consider cosmetic dental restoration:

  • Too many gaps and interdental spacing.
  • A fractured tooth as a result of trauma.
  • There are enamel chips and cracks.
  • Disproportionately large teeth.
  • Faults in the enamel such as patches, yellowing, and darkening.
  • In the smiling zone, old, unsightly fillings.
  • Increased abrasion, abnormalities, and a wedge-shaped flaw.


Veneers in Dubai have amazing perks. Its perks are;

  • This treatment is for all age groups.
  • Gives you a better and more aligned smile.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Helps to enhance your personality.
  • Improves your smile.
  • Whiten yellow teeth.
  • Cover all the flaws of the tooth.
  • Give natural results.
  • Improves your health condition as well.
  • Comfortable and easy to maintain.


The average Cost Of Veneers In Dubai is typically between AED 600 and AED 1,000. Depending on the misalignment of teeth, the surgeon doing it, and the hospital where it is done, the price may be more or lower. In some cases, the number of visits also affects the cost. At your initial visit, following a thorough examination of the issue, only your surgeon can provide you with an accurate price.

How will your Dentist Place Veneers?

Placing Composite veneers is a laborious operation. Now, let’s review the steps:

  • Your teeth that will receive veneers will be reduced and reshaped by your cosmetic dentist.
  • Your teeth will be captured in a cast or imprint that will be delivered to the lab.
  • The veneers will be created in the lab and sent to the dentist.
  • Following your approval, the dentist will glue and cement the porcelain veneers to your teeth.


Following the treatment for Veneers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, you do not need to stay at the hospital. You might feel a little uncomfortable eating for the first few days, though. But in a few days, you will be used to it. Your doctor would set certain limitations on what you could and couldn’t eat for a few days.

  • Attend routine medical checkups and let your specialist know about the issues if any. For the veneers to work effectively, the maintenance must be done carefully.
  • Keep mouthwash essential for daily use.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Use teeth cleaning wire to keep the stuff out of it
  • Do not put excessive pressure on them such as nut-cracking with teeth.

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