How Long Does A Ceramic Crown Last-Dynamic Clinic Dubai

After the tooth is RCT treated it needs an outer covering to protect it by placing the crown.  It not only provides protection but also fulfills aesthetic needs and that is why you should opt for ceramic crowns as they have many good features. The most common types of dental crowns are like all-resin, all-porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, and stainless steel crowns that are available in Dubai and Abu Dhabi at very affordable prices.

What Are Ceramic Crowns?

The ceramic crowns are cosmetic dental restorations placed on the restored tooth to cover and modify the shape, size, and color. They are the most natural-looking or translucent in a color that is the best choice aesthetically and are available in various tooth shades to match your tooth color. Ceramic crowns are the most preferred dental crowns in Dubai.

What Are The Conditions That Demand A Ceramic Crown?

  • Permanently stained tooth or a restored tooth.
  • Excessive tooth damage or decay and large fillings that are failing to restrict bacteria from entering.
  • Connecting the dental implant abutment or covering the area where a tooth is extracted.
  • To fuse to false teeth (pontic).
  • It creates a porcelain dental bridge for single or multiple missing teeth.
  • To protect teeth after RCT treatment from getting brittle or weak.

How Is The Procedure Of Ceramic Crown Placement Done?

  • The crown is usually placed during visits and before the crown placement procedure, the tooth is examined and prepared.
  • The tooth is then filed down by using a handpiece from the top and sides so that crown can be fitted on that tooth.
  • 1.2mm to 1.5mm facial reduction, 1.2mm lingual contact clearance, 1.5mm incisal reduction, and 1mm gingival margin reduction for all-ceramic crowns.
  • After cutting the margins of the tooth, an impression or copy is taken by paste or putty for that tooth and the surrounding teeth to check the bite.
  • The impression is then sent to the laboratory for the making of a crown and returned to the dentist in 2-3 weeks.
  • Meanwhile, your dentist will make a temporary crown and place it on to the tooth until the permanent crown arrives.
  • On the 2nd visit, the temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown is checked for its fit and color, if everything is perfect, the crown is cemented in place usually numbing it with local anesthetics.

How Long Can A Ceramic Crown Last?

The average lifespan for the ceramic crown is 10-15 years if the crown fittings are perfect and care has been taken thoroughly.

Dental Crown Price in UAE

Dental crowns cost vary on the type of crowning material.The cost of ceramic dental crown in dubai roughly starts from 2500 AED per crown for adults.The price is not fixed it may fluctuate on the type of crowning and patient condition.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Ceramic Crowns?


  • Easily fabricated to any tooth shape.
  • Looks the same as a tooth which is way harder to spot.
  • The material is bio-compatible so no allergic reactions.


  • Not recommended for chewing teeth as they are fragile and can break.
  • sensitivity due to more cutting of teeth.

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Final Verdict

After getting your treatment done, do go for this aesthetically pleasing ceramic cap because you want to smile wider with no worries and in full confidence. The all-ceramic crowns are good enough and can give you more than 10 years of service, for further queries don’t hesitate to contact us.