Ceramic Crowns Cost in Dubai

When a tooth is badly damaged and the filling is insufficient to restore its function and aesthetics, it is better to use a crown. A crown is a prosthesis that protects the tooth from damage.

Well, if your dental surgeon has suggested crown treatment for damaged teeth, it can be difficult for you to choose the right crown that best suits your goals. Just so you know, Ceramic crowns are the most natural dental crowns. They are distinguished by their exceptional strength, durability, and aesthetics.

Many patients receive ceramic crowns with a general idea of ​​the outcome they want and how much they would like to spend, but do not have a clear idea of ​​what does the cost of Ceramic Crowns in Dubai actually entails. Let’s find out:

How Much Do Ceramic Crowns Cost In Dubai?

In Dubai, the cost for ceramic crowns can skyrocket as high as AED 2500 with the starting price costing around AED 1000. Overall, the final cost of the treatment depends on how many crowns need to be placed, the fees of the dental surgeon, the reputation of the clinic, and the length of time required for the treatment.

Factors That Affect Crowns Cost In Dubai: 

There are many factors that take part in determining how much does ceramic crowns treatment will cost, and each patient’s procedure may be different. In general, the following six factors have the greatest impact on the treatment cost.

The reputation of the clinic:

The clinic’s reputation significantly affects the cost of ceramic crowns in Dubai. A more reputed clinic means that the higher the treatment is charged. Additionally, clinics with top-notch tools offer dental procedures at much higher rates.

The number of crowns: 

The cost of the crowns used also affects the total cost of the treatment. Treating multiple Teeth is more expensive than replacing a single tooth. Note: Depending on the condition of your oral cavity, the surgeon may recommend that you replace it at different times or at the same time.

Patient’s oral health:

Each patient is different and requires individualized care. Anyone who suffers from gingivitis or any other oral condition will need an initial one-on-one consultation to make sure they have a healthy mouth and are more likely to get successful results. So, the cost may increase.

Medications needed:

Medications needed before, after, and during the procedure also affects the cost. Generally speaking, general anesthesia incurs more cost than local anesthesia. Additionally, people with certain oral conditions, or allergies, require additional medications such as antibiotics, etc., which increases the cost.

Surgeon’s skills:

Experienced dental surgeons usually charge a little more than beginners. But it’s important to rely on quality standards and expertise rather than the fee, especially for this type of life-altering procedure.

Length of the procedure:

Last but not least, the length of the procedure also affects the cost of Ceramic Crowns. Longer operations require more medications, extra effort, and more extended care.

Plus, serious side effects are rare but can increase overall cost, especially when additional treatment is required.

The Takeaway:

By understanding the cost determinants, you can better understand how ceramic crowns are priced in Dubai. Typically, the reputation of the clinic, number of crowns, overall oral health, medications needed, and length of the procedure determine the final price.

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