Crown After Root Canal Treatment in Dubai

Crown is the best restorative choice after Root Canal Treatment.

A root canal saves the infected tooth. And so your smile. Besides, the Crown is a realistic-looking tooth cap that covers the damaged tooth. While installing a crown after the root canal isn’t essential but can be helpful. Because the treated tooth surface is at high-risk following a root canal, and the Crown protects it from risky infections.

The best part, crowned teeth will function normally and look white and adequately shaped. Well, It’s truly your decision or perhaps your dentist to have Crown after Root Canal Treatment in Dubai or not. But know that, this would help prevent many post problems.

Crown Placement After Root Canal:

  • The placement of the Crown is considered as final stage in the Root canal. Therefore, once the follow-up appointments of a root canal are completed, you need to return to the dentist for crown allocation.
  • As soon as your dentist completes the work on the tooth, the Crown must be placed timely. Because if it’s delayed, the tooth may fail to heal correctly. Usually, one week gap is noted enough in most cases.
  • Dentists first prepare the Crown, trim it, and permanently cement it into the allocated place. The original tooth will be under the Crown, but it would be shorter and thinner to function normally. Though, you could normally eat as just the rest of your teeth.

Which Teeth Need Crowns?

The best way to find if your teeth need a crown is to locate the position of your affected tooth. Dentists mainly advise crowns for grinding teeth, molars, or premolars. Basically, the out of sight tooth that carries a chance of pressure is more prone to have dental crowns.


To maintain proper healing, we offer durable stain-proof Dental Crowns. In addition, the placement of Crown after Endo files comes with plenty of comforts.

Here are the most popular benefits of Crown after Root Canal Treatment in Dubai.

  • Prevents Infections
  • Support healing root canal
  • Protect a tooth from Future Damage
  • Inhibit fractures and cracks

What Happens If I Don’t Get a Crown Following a Root Canal?

Since the Root canal is complex and removes a big part of the tooth structure, there is a chance of tooth weakening or breakage if it’s not being cured further by the dentist. Therefore, crown placement is somehow reported effective after the root canal to keep the teeth in their place.

Crowns can help restore tooth functionality while considering aesthetic concerns. However, below are the problems you could suffer without crowns.

  • Weakened teeth
  • Improper Tooth Functioning
  • Tooth loss

Oral Care after Root Canal:

Later on, receiving a root canal, you might need to wait for 1-2 weeks for a second appointment to have your Crown placed.

  • During this period, you need to limit your diet to soft foods. Plus, maintain good oral hygiene.
  • It might be pretty helpful if you floss regularly.
  • Do swish your mouth with lukewarm water every meal.
  • Make sure to consult the dentist timely instead of tackling complications with home remedies.

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Later root canal, our dentist strictly advises placing crowns to evade the post-complications. When a treated tooth is covered with a crown, it will function like other teeth and appear similar. If you have any inquires related to Root Canal in Dubai, Dental Crowns in Dubai, or even Crown after Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, frankly consult our dentists.

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