prp for face rejuvenation

Ever since PRP was introduced in Dubai we have been catering multiple patients with PRP treatment in Dubai for a number of uses. Its effect for facial rejuvenation is just exemplary and the results are impeccable. Just like others if you are also interested to know about PRP for your facial rejuvenation then keep reading this article below. 

What is the Hype Behind PRP? 

PRP is an abbreviation of platelet rich plasma as the name signifies a platelet rich plasma is a body’s natural constituent and surprisingly the donor and recipient is the candidate himself. Once PRP is extracted from the candidate’s body it is reinserted into the various parts such as the scalp for my skin, joints and vagina. It is said to improve blood circulation and cellular turnover. 

The main reason why PRP Is chosen as the best skin treatment for facial rejuvenation over others is because the component is completely natural and does not give rise to any potential risks unlike other skin treatments.

PRP Target Areas:

 Some of the target areas where PRP can show considerable effect include: 

  •  The skin  for facial rejuvenation.
  •  The joints for pain relief.
  •  The scalp for hair growth.
  •  The vagina for muscular tightening and increased blood circulation.

5 benefits of PRP for Facial Rejuvenation:

PRP for Face Rejuvenation in Dubai is raging nowadays for the success in facial rejuvenation because it offers our clients the following benefits: 

Improve Sagging Skin:

Sagging skin is often a result of lack of blood circulation and decreased collagen consistency in the skin. A single shot of PRP can relatively improve sagging skin and make it appear more erect tight and firm

Fades off Acne Scars:

The better the blood circulation the improved is the repair mechanism of the skin. PRP uses this property and helps in fading of acne scars that are often a result of hyperpigmented lesions onto the skin the next time you scratch off your pimple and it leaves a scar behind remember that you can treat it with a PRP treatment Dubai & Abu Dhabi in our clinic.

Induces Blood Circulation:

If you want to look youthful and young for a very long time then never miss your PRP sessions. A single shot of PRP is said to deliver about thousands of red blood cells and plasma fully infused with platelets in your skin. Red blood cells and platelets are collectively responsible for increasing blood circulation. 

Increases Collagen Production:

As you age your skin starts to lose a lot of the collagen because of deficiency of proteins in the body. No matter how  Much you invest in other skin care treatments you can still never get the desired results you can achieve from PRP. 

Clears Hyperpigmentation:

The skin loses its natural pigment normally when the oxygen or blood supply starts to diminish. If you want to enhance your skin’s complexion and make it brighter, then go for a PRP in Dubai. It would instantly clear off all the pigmentation and you will be left with a clear, lighter toned and much more brighter skin. 

How is the treatment of PRP for Facial Rejuvenation done? 

  • At first the esthetician will mark the areas which will require PRP infusion.
  • A local anesthetic agent will be used to block the pain channels.
  • The PRP infused injection will be inserted into the various sites of the skin.
  • In case of blood oozing from the injection prick site, the esthetician will clean it simultaneously.
  • If you want optimum results then follow the post treatment care instructions keenly. 

The Cost:

A single shot of PRP treatment in Dubai costs around 1500 AED. However the cost genuinely depends upon the number of sessions, the type of the skin and the imperfections. 

Consult Us! 

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