Colombian Butt Lift: Does it really Works | Colombian Butt Lifting Cost

What is a Colombian Butt Lift?

There are various options for anyone looking for flawlessly perky gluteus maximus. However, they can go to the exercise (however, no matter how many activities they do, outcomes aren’t assured), see a doctor for implants or a standard butt lift, or choose a considerably less painful technique – the Colombian Butt Lift in Dubai. For several factors, the latter choice is among the finest. Therefore, when you pick up the phone to schedule the treatment, you should thoroughly grasp what a Colombian Butt Lift is. We’ll provide more specific information here.

Vacuum Suction was established after several years of study to provide a therapy that is non-surgical and non-invasive while still being painless. As we age and nature takes its toll, we can all feel a drooping of the buttocks; lift is the non-surgical, non-invasive, and easy answer!

Booty size and look are subjective and may be an emotional problem, mainly if you are not satisfied with what you usually have. With the aid of a lift, you may now obtain the required outcomes without the need for any invasive surgery.

How Does The Treatment Work?

The process of extending or shrinking muscles is known as muscle re-education. A current is used to elevate and re-educate tissues throughout the process. The flow stimulates adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that may build in the muscles.

Colombian Butt Lift Therapy Consist of Three Parts:

Vacuum Cupping Suction focuses on and trains the tissues to lift extra skin; this involves a vibratory stimulation to encourage blood and fluid flow and may help soften localized fatty accumulation.

Low-frequency Microcurrent Treatment: This stimulates, tightens, and firms the muscles, restoring a tighter contour to the buttocks. The skin atop the forces sags as they atrophy and droop with aging and pressure. Micro Current Therapy works by stimulating reflexes inside each power that determine strength and intensity. As the musculature that has been operated on recovers tone, so would the skin. This is accomplished without causing any injury to the dermis.

Low-Intensity Light Therapy Rejuvenation of the Skin – This aids in the rebuilding of collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in radiant skin. Due to the photo-chemical responses of particular wavelengths of light to our cellular membrane and proteins, it also aids in the elimination of obesity, sagging skin, and discoloration.

Vulnerable cells react to photolysis more suitable than healthy cells. So relatively short therapies with low-light conditions on injured tissues can trigger a complicated chain of physiological responses that boost cell growth, reduce the inflammatory reaction, or even create our skin look relatively young and livelier.

What Makes It Safer Than a Standard Butt lift?

One of the advantages of the Buttock Augmentation is that it is done under local anesthetic rather than general anesthesia. This implies you’ll be aware during the procedure. However, you won’t experience pain — only some stress in that location. Furthermore, because the Colombian Butt Lift entails shifting the own fat cells from one region of your butt to the other, there have been no alien items to get acclimated to (as there’d be with implantation).

This significantly reduces your risks of obtaining an infection as well as your total recovery period. You didn’t have to fear spending too much time in the recovery area. Furthermore, the Colombian Butt Lift outcomes are customized because you are not confined to specific implant sizes. You are essentially shifting tissue from one region of your body to the other, allowing for more accurate, personalized outcomes.

What Makes It Unique From a Brazilian Butt Lift?

While the two treatments have one thing in common – they both entail the movement of your tissue from one place of your body to another — they function in quite different ways. Liposuction is used to remove fat cells from one region of your body; generally, the stomach or hips, during a Brazilian butt lift. Those cells are then inserted into the buttocks to generate the desired contour and shape. As you can expect, this surgery not just takes a while to finish, but it also requires a significant amount of healing due to the many operations performed at the same time.

Is It Effective?

The simple answer is, yes, it works. After healing (which doesn’t require much, particularly when contrasted to other choices), you’ll notice that you possess a broader, firmer, and perkier buttock. The effects will endure for a while, and you won’t need to go through the lengthy recovery period associated with other treatments that promise to provide comparable results. This is the process for you if you wish to have the butt you had while 20 years old.

Final thoughts 

At the Dynamic Clinic, we keep up with the newest beauty trends and treatments. We want to offer non-surgical solutions that give stunning, noticeable results to allow a more pleasant recovery. Our highly experienced team uses the most advanced technology in the industry to provide safe treatment and the rounder buttocks you’ve always desired with our non-surgical butt lift treatment. We have plans that include a very low butt lift cost in Dubai.

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