Liposuction vs BBL

Since beauty trends are increasing with each passing day. Therefore, people are getting more conscious of their physique and external beauty. They want a slim and smart figure that does not have bumps and dumps. When we eat food, the fat in food sometimes starts to get deposited under the skin. These fats start accumulating in the skin and cause the skin to bulge out which makes you seem to have an irregular body. These fats mostly accumulate in the butt area which makes it slacken. There are several treatments available to reduce the amount of extra deposited fats in the body. But people are confused about Liposuction & BBL in Dubai which one is better?

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction in Dubai is a surgical treatment to remove extra fat deposits from particular body parts. In this procedure, the doctor makes small incisions in the desired location during the surgery and then suctions out fat cells using a tiny tube known as a cannula.

It is essential to remember that liposuction is a body-reshaping treatment rather than a weight-loss procedure. It is most effective for people with localized fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Common Areas for Liposuction:

The Procedure of Liposuction Fat Transfer in Dubai is applicable to any part of the body with extra fat deposits. Liposuction is often used in a number of areas, including:

  • Abdomen.
  • Hips and flanks.
  • Thighs. 
  • Buttocks.
  • Arms.
  • Back.
  • Chest.
  • Neck and chin. 

What is BBL in Dubai?

BBL stands for Brazilian Butt Lift. It is a cosmetic surgery technique that aims to improve the size and form of the buttocks. The Brazilian Butt Lift uses a fat transfer method instead of implants in conventional butt augmentation surgeries.

The Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai has a number of advantages. It permits body contouring in the regions where liposuction is done in addition to improving the size and shape of the buttocks. Additionally, in comparison to utilizing implants, the procedure has a lower chance of problems because it employs the patient’s own fat. The enhanced buttocks may also have a more realistic appearance and feel satisfied with the fat transfer.


Since BBL in Dubai & Abu Dhabi requires the transfer of fats from one part of the body to give the shape and size to the butts. Therefore, doctors use it in combination with liposuction. He first removes the fats from the specific area of the body and then deposits them in the butt area to give a prominent shape and size to the Buttocks. Moreover, before initiating the procedure, the doctor assesses the past medical history and current general health of the patient. So that the procedure is free of risks and complications.

  • To ensure comfort during the procedure, the patient receives either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. 
  • The surgeon starts by liposuctioning the donor regions that have extra fat. The lower back, hips, thighs, and abdomen are typical target regions. 
  • In the specific areas where liposuction will be carried out, the doctor makes small incisions. Through the incisions inserts a cannula which is a tiny tube. And joins it to a suction tool. The surgeon delicately breaks apart and suctions out the extra fat cells by moving the cannula back and forth.
  • To get rid of any contaminants, damaged cells, and extra fluids, processes the collected fat. To get the greatest quality fat for grafting, this step entails purifying it.
  • The buttocks’ various layers are subtly injected with the purified fat. The surgeon carefully positions the fat to give the buttocks a raised, rounded look that enhances their size and contour.
  • He further uses sutures or another type of closure to seal the incisions when the fat transfer completes. Incisions are typically tiny and positioned carefully to reduce apparent scars.

Aftercare of BBL in Dubai:

Aftercare measures are essential to follow for a successful and pain-free recovery after a Brazilian Butt Lift in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. They aid in ensuring ideal recovery, reducing the possibility of problems, and promoting the finest result. The aftercare guidelines include

  • Put on compression clothing to support the treated regions and decrease swelling as your doctor directs
  • Spending extended periods of time directly on your buttocks is not advisable.
  • For a few weeks, cut back on exercise and intense activities.
  • Reduce the risk of infection by keeping the incisions clean and dry.
  • Use over-the-counter or prescription pain medicines to reduce discomfort.
  • Keep follow-up consultations with your plastic surgeon to track your recovery and discuss any issues you may have.
  • Regarding washing, changing out of dressings, and administering topical medicines, heed the advice of your surgeon.
  • Use specialized pillows or cushions to appropriately distribute your weight while lying down.

Benefits of Liposuction & BBL in Dubai:

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi both have a number of advantages that can improve a person’s general health and physical beauty. By using a patient’s own fat, BBL offers a means to produce a more proportional and aesthetically acceptable buttock shape. Contrarily, liposuction enables localized fat removal in precise locations, enhancing the form and features of the body. 

  • Improves buttock size and form.
  • Using the patient’s own fat to get natural-looking outcomes.
  • Helps in fat removal and body sculpting. 
  • Enhances body symmetry and proportions.
  • Decrease of certain regions’ targeted fat.
  • Body sculpting and improvement.
  • Improved comfort and fit of garments.
  • Increase self-confidence and a better view of one’s body.

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